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5 tips to help your dog lead a long, healthy life

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5 tips to help your dog live a long, healthy life (Image: Unsplash)

5 tips to help your dog live a long, healthy life (Image: Unsplash)

As anyone who has lived with a dog knows, it often feels like we don’t have enough time with our furry friends. Most dogs live about 10 to 14 years on average – although some can Live naturally longer, while others may be inclined For some diseases that can limit life expectancy.

But what many people don’t know is that humans and dogs share many genetic similarities, including a predisposition to developing cancer. age related. This means that many of the things humans can do to be healthier and live longer can also work for dogs.

Here are some ways to help your dog live a longer, healthier life.

1. Watch your waist
A factor frequently associated with longevity in A Variety of species It is to maintain a healthy body weight. This means making sure that dogs do not carry too much weight and that they treat their calorie intake with caution. A lean, healthy body weight will not only be better for your puppy in the long run, but can also help reduce the impact of certain health conditions, like osteoporosis.

Monitor and manage your dog’s body weight carefully through regular weighing or body condition score A way to look at your pet’s fitness and “score” on a scale to see if he’s overweight or healthy. Use Monday roads together It will allow you to identify weight changes and change your diet as needed.

 (Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

(Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

Use the feeding guidelines as a starting point for how much you should feed your dog – you may need to change the type of food or how much you feed to maintain a healthy weight as your dog gets older, or depending on how much activity they are doing. Do. Know exactly how much you are feeding it a pet It’s also an important tool for weight control, so weigh your food instead Measuring parts with eyes.

In general, a good nutrition It may be related to the healthy aging process, suggesting that what you eat may be just as important as how much you eat. “Good” nutrition varies for each dog, but be sure to look for foods that are safe, tasty, and provide all the nutrients your dog needs.

2. Many walks
Exercise has many physiological and psychological benefits, for our dogs and for us. Physical activity can help control dog body weight It is also related to the effects Anti-aging In other genetically similar species.

 (Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

(Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

Although exercise alone will not increase your lifespan a petIt can help protect you from being overweight. In fact, research indicates that walking a “happy” dog does just that Dogs for happy people.

3. Teach them new tricks
Aging isn’t just physical. Keeping a dog’s brain active is also beneficial. Contrary to popular belief, you can teach old dogs new tricks – and as a result, you can only preserve their brains and bodies younger.

Even when doing physical activity can be limitedExplore alternative, low-impact games and activities like The smell works You and your dog can do it together. Using their nose is fun and rewarding for dogs, so training them to find items by smell will exercise them a lot. mentally and physically.

 (Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

(Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

Other exercises like Hydrotherapy, a kind of swimming exerciseIt can be a good choice, especially for dogs with conditions that affect them The ability to exercise Normally.

4. Link
Like many companion animals, dogs develop a clear attachment by their caregivers. The bond between man and dog offers fellowship Dog lovers often describe them as One of the family.

A stable bond between owner and animal can help maintain partnership Happy and mutually beneficial between you and you a pet. It can also help you recognize subtle changes in your dog’s behavior or movement that may indicate potential concerns.

 (Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

(Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

Where there is Compatibility between the caregiver and the dogThis leads to a better relationship – and even benefits for owners, including stress relief NS exercises. Share positive and fun experiences with your pet, including play with himIt’s great to build this bond.

5. Do not miss visits to the vet
Modern veterinary medicine has seen significant improvements in the prevention and management of canine health problems. Successful vaccination and parasite control programs Effectively reduce injury of diseases in dogs and humans, including Toxocaria, which can be transmitted from dog feces to humans, and anger, which can be transmitted from dog to dog or from dog to human.

Having a good relationship with your veterinarian will allow you to customize treatments and discuss your dog’s needs. Regular medical examinations can also be helpful in identifying any potential problems in the person. curable stage, How do dental problems where in the spine, which can cause pain and adversely affect animal welfare.

 (Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

(Photo: Reproduction; Giphy)

Ultimately, it’s a combination of our genes a pet The environment in which you live affects your longevity. So while we can’t change your genetics, there are many things we can do good health This can help them live a longer, healthier life.

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