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5 Ways Offices in Singapore Can Benefit from the Employee Assistance Program in Post Covid Era.

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Singapore is one of the booming hubs of business and the corporate world. Multinational companies from several corners of the world like the United States, Europe, Japan, China and India have their establishments in Singapore. With the corporate and business world’s rapid development, the mental health of thousands of employees becomes relevant. EAP (Employee Assistance Program) in Singapore plays a crucial role in this context. 

Due to different mental health issues namely depression, insomnia, stress management, self-esteem, post-traumatic stress, relationship issues faced by the staff of these multinational companies, their productivity and work efficiency gets affected. EAP in Singapore helps them to tackle these issues they face at workplaces.

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

The personal and mental problems faced by the working personnel which creates a negative impact on their jobs are resolved through individual counselling, wellness seminars, education through lunch talks and crisis counselling by expert psychotherapists. Its main aim is to look after the mental health of the employees.

EAP in Singapore

There is currently striking competition between the corporate giants, so the mental wellness of the employees of these corporations become a matter of huge importance. With the work pressurisation, mental health issues are also increasing at an alarming rate among the workers. EAP becomes the most pressing need.

Those companies who look after their workers’ mental and emotional well-being become the most successful in the long run. The corporate sectors that are aware of this put more emphasis on the mental health of their employees.

Singapore is one of the best corporate hubs with 7000 multinational companies having their offices situated. Because of the corporate environment of the country, both the government and organisations started giving mental health services to their staff. These services are provided through the help of government grants and other organizations initiatives.

5 Ways Offices in Singapore can Benefit from EAP

Covid has left a huge impact on the world including the corporate sectors and the usual pattern of EAP in Singapore has been customized. There are different types of the mode through which the EAP in Singapore is being provided namely counselling through personal and public means, family counselling, health screening, psychiatric consultations, etc. Here are five different ways offices can benefit from EAP in Singapore

Work-Life Balancing

Perfect work and personal life balance are essential for every individual to unleash his/her full potential. Habits like working late or arriving early incapacitate the company in the long run. The program aims to help acknowledge and maintain the work-life balancing of the employees.

Appropriate Work Environment

A detrimental workplace can affect an individual’s mental health in different ways. Issues like stress, anxiety, depression can emerge from an inapt work environment. These issues can also lead to mental distress and absenteeism. Overall, it can create a huge negative impact on the organisation itself. The EAP helps the employees to raise their issues and get them settled for the betterment of both the company and its employees.

Increase in Productivity

While struggling with personal issues, it becomes difficult for employees to fully concentrate on their work. Every individual can have different problems but the overall performance of the company gets hampered. Through EAP, the company can get the solutions for the issue and increase productivity.

Economical and Time-Saving

The financial issues faced by employees are one of the major reasons behind their stress. The constant contemplation of monetary problems hinders their workforce. With the help of EAP, an employee can get proper counselling on finance, saving both their time and money in the process. The program aims to get rid of issues like addiction, frail financial management, abortive time management.

Tackling Stigmas about Mental Health

The stigmas of mental health create a huge gap between individuals. People think twice before they talk about their mental illness. These social stigmas discourage them to open up about themselves. EAP, through different seminars and in the post-Covid era through webinars can address the issue of social stigma and encourage the workers to talk about the issues they’re facing.

In this post-Covid situation and after the end of global lockdown, employees need to get the best of EAP in Singapore so that they can efficiently work together for the betterment of both the company and themselves.

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