October 6, 2022


Get Rid Cellulite

6 MUST KNOW tips to get back on track (healthy diet tips) + VEGAS VLOG!

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37 thoughts on “6 MUST KNOW tips to get back on track (healthy diet tips) + VEGAS VLOG!

  1. I think it's wonderfull that you promote cheatdays. Love your videos ๐Ÿ˜€ Or maybe not cheatdays. More like having days with no limits. Don't like the word cheat.

  2. I eat because I get really anxious . I've tried everything but most of the time I feel that I'm a failure. Since I had my second c section I gained 20 pounds but I can't even loose a pound.

  3. You drunk is hilarious and adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for being real and being inspiring. I'm doing my best to be healthy, but it's definitely a struggle sometimes.

  4. The girl with the green hair, holding the little spider and making it dance, going: "mi-meh, mi-meh, meh..mi" made my day. Also I had no idea how much vegan was available in Vegas. Thank you for this vlog, I enjoy your content. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Greetings from Colorado! I recently stumbled upon your channel. Iโ€™m considerably older than you… probably could be your mum or your grandmum. First of all, the wisdom you have for such a young person is really impressive. And congratulations on your significant achievement. I have struggled with my weight since I was a child. Yo-yo diets, fasting, extreme exercise, limiting to one food type, etc. on and on and on. Like so many I lost significant amounts of weight each time only to gain the weight I had lost back plus some more.When watching your videos I had the awakening that I am in the last half of my life and if I donโ€™t get my weight under control my life will be shortened. Thank you for what you are doing on you tube. You are saving lives.

  6. Thank you… about to go on my weight loss journey but iโ€™m going to see family in Ukraine in three weeks for three weeks and i know iโ€™m gonna be in love with the food and fall off my diet.

  7. I feel like I have no hope of ever being able to loose weight because I am addicted to food. I just really love the taste of all the foods that are considered bad for you and whenever I've tried telling myself I'll cut back or I'll stay away from certain foods I just end up wanting them more. It's so stupid. But I'm tired of being so fat and unhealthy.

  8. Legit freaked out when she said "what is that banging?" because I was listening in my headphones, and at the moment she said that, I was using a hammer

  9. My Friends obsession just kicked in and my brain was like "When you messed up your day, your week, your month, and even your year!" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Literally me.
    Struggling to get back on the wagon after cancer & dealing with steroids ๐Ÿ˜‘
    This is the video I needed ๐Ÿ™Œ

  10. iโ€™m so glad i stumbled upon your channel tonight. iโ€™m able to relate to you so hard and youโ€™re also just genuinely entertaining to watch, so thank you for being you!

  11. I kept this video in my watch later until I was at a place where I thought watching might actually help make a difference. Iโ€™ve been off the wagon for a couple months now and itโ€™s embarrassing how much weight Iโ€™ve gained back. I was working out and tracking my eating and finally I got to a point where I couldnโ€™t do it anymore. I wasnโ€™t losing weight, my measurements werenโ€™t changing, my body composition wasnโ€™t changing. And I was like, why the fuck am I hungry and sore all the time to make no difference? I donโ€™t really know how to get back on track ๐Ÿ™

  12. Iโ€™m honestly crying rn. Iโ€™ve lost 14lbs recently and then this past week was suddenly shitty and I ate like crap to compensate for my lack of energy and not being fully healthy, but this video has made me fully remember that it isnโ€™t something to obsess over and feel guilty about. Tomorrow is a new day and I can just start over. You are such an inspiration to me Jordo ๐Ÿ’•

  13. So today Iโ€™m starting my journey to losing weight. I want to lose 65 pounds by June (about 7 months from now) and Iโ€™m commenting here to keep a record for myself. I want to pop in monthly with updates so I can be held accountable

  14. I stopped watching when I started binging daily. I am trying to get back in track by rewatching your videos. I lost 20 pounds when I first started watching. It seems like I suddenly avoid all weightloss/fitness content when I stop exercising and watching what I eat. It's like a form of avoidance/denial.

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