April 18, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

After Effects for 2D Animation: Retro Celluloid Animation Look

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31 thoughts on “After Effects for 2D Animation: Retro Celluloid Animation Look

  1. I like how you seem to be one of the few animation channels that don't seem to have an ego. Most of the channels and animators seem to have a condescending heir in the tutorials.

  2. wow not bad!! really looks like an animation from the 80s. i wish there were more softwares to make it possible for us to achieve that cel animation look, i'm so tired of the generic digital art visuals

  3. ONE tiny suggestion, add a subtle film grain layer, using multiple, and lowering the opacity. THAT would make it nearly perfect! AWESOME tutorial! Seriously!

  4. Hey mang liked the vid. i just wanted to say one thing… you should add time-codes in the description. I think it'll improve your video 10 fold! also didn't like your stuttering, keep practicing friend you have great skill!

  5. If we're part of your patreon and you uploaded this video doesn't that mean we donate to you?

    Cuz I don't think my account gave anything. And i wanna support.

  6. waw .i like this ideaaaaaaas.grt.but i want to know that program that you began with . can you start from beginning.i really really like it .i have more interest to learn it if you don't mine .thank in advance 4 ur help.

  7. Even though I don't use the programs listed for what I work on, this is still INCREDIBLY helpful! Just knowing the things I need to achieve and how they should look have helped me a bundle, they can be achieved with alternative programs they just might take a bit more manual effort (though I would recommend anyone with AE use that if they can).

    Thank you very much for this!

  8. Which version do you use? Standard TV Paint or the Professional version? Would it be better to just purchase the standard or does the Professional version have features I shouldn't miss? I'm about to shake YouTube with my animations!

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