May 20, 2022

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All About Collectible Dolls

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Collectible dolls are excellent playmates for children and adds on to the marvelous collections of doll collectors, young or old. There are many different types so it is up to the buyer to choose.

Here you will see what collectible dolls are usually made of:

o Cloth dolls: Many cloth dolls have flat cloth faces with hand-painted features, wigs made of yarn, and clothing made by hand.

o Composition dolls: Composition dolls are made up of a mixture of several compounds (such as sawdust, paper, glue) Many types of composition dolls made famous by Madame Alexander.

o Bisque dolls: Made of tinted, unglazed porcelain. Collectible doll makers added color prior to firing, though some bisque dolls often have multiple firings to give a warm, rich color to the collectible doll.

o Hard plastic dolls: Made of flesh-toned painted hard plastic, these collectible dolls became enormously popular between 1940 and 1950.

o Metal dolls: Metal dolls may be made entirely of metal, or they may just have a metal head. Metal dolls can be found in a variety of metals, such as silver, tin, and brass.

o Papier-mâché dolls: Papier-mâché dolls made from a fragile mix of torn or shredded paper, glue, and water.

o Porcelain dolls: Fine ceramic porcelain dolls are made by firing pure clay. The translucence of the material makes for elegant dolls.

o Vinyl dolls: Most mass-produced dolls are vinyl dolls made of a soft plastic.

o Wood dolls: Wood dolls date back to primitive times. Highly-carved wood dolls, carved from basswood or linden, exist as folk art pieces.

This is only a tip of the iceberg, as the world of collectible dolls is so vast and explore-able, that every time you will get a new jewel for your collection. But for your benefit, we have divided them into four sections: Antique, Vintage, Modern and One-of-a-kind collectible dolls.

Antique Dolls

These are the collectible dolls produced before 1930 made of material like bisque, china, wood, or wax. You can also consider early composition dolls and celluloid dolls in this category. Each doll in this section is a work of art and collection of these dolls increases your knowledge of history and will tell you about Europe of 19th century.

Vintage Dolls

Collectible vintage dolls are mainly miniature dolls from the period between periods of 1930 -1980. This category consist composition, hard plastic dolls, celluloid dolls, and the early vinyl dolls.

Modern Dolls

Here, you will get dolls made between 1980 to present day. Some of the brands are Ashton Drake, Marie Osmond Dolls, Barbie Collectibles, etc. Modern collectible dolls are for the kids who like to play with them. Sculpted, fashionable dressed and designed to modern period, they are coveted by kids worldwide.

One-of-a-kind dolls

One-of-a-kind dolls are almost always entirely designed and hand crafted by the creating artist and no replicas are made. It can fetch high prices when done by a renowned artist and collectors everywhere yearned after these precious dolls.

Source by Rod Low

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