October 5, 2023


Get Rid Cellulite

Alternatives to Liposuction – Cheaper, Quicker, Easier, and the Same Results!

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If you desperately need fat reduction but can’t afford several thousands on liposuction, here’s some news.

You don’t need liposuction.

There are other methods of dissolving subcutaneous fat that are just as effective, easier on your wallet, and let you get back to work in days instead of weeks. Here is a quick look at the three most popular of these:

Lipodissolve. “Lipo” refers to fat tissue, and we all know what “dissolve” means. In Lipodissolve, a fat-dissolving chemical derived from soya oil is injected into the fat beneath the skin, mixed with vitamins and enzymes. This is a fairly quick process, taking 15 minutes to half an hour. It is also extremely precise, which makes it a great choice for touch-up or sculpting procedures.

Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy also involves injection of fat-dissolving chemicals under the skin, but this time the chemicals also include amino acids, medicinal and holistic compounds. The needles used in mesotherapy are very, very small, which minimize pain and lead to faster recovery. Mesotherapy, with different compounds, has also been used in skin treatments of different kinds. It is known to give quick results with minimal side-effects.

Thermage. This is the ideal liposuction alternative for needle-phobic people. In thermage, the fatty areas are exposed to certain frequencies of radiation, which heat up the skin and stimulate collagen production subcutaneously. Over a period of nearly six months, the treated skin continues to grow tighter, firmer and more youthful. Thermage, in fact, is the ideal procedure to tighten up loose skin as a result of excess weight loss.

While liposuction will set you back by at least two thousand dollars, procedures such as lipodissolve, thermage and mesotherapy will give the same results – especially for people who need fine sculpting – with a much less tangible dent in your wallet as well as your routine.

Source by Michael S S

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