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Asans in Yoga For Asthma

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The sciences of yoga propose that there are numerous methods to prevent asthma. They believe that the free flow of air that reaches the organs during the various ‘asans’ helps control asthma attacks. Hence, if you are suffering from a tedious breathing problem, then make sure that you try the ‘asans’ in yoga for asthma.

Here are a few of the most popular ‘asans’ for asthma patients:


Yoga for asthma patients can be very beneficial. To do this ‘asan’ follow the following steps:

  • Sit on a firm pillow on the floor, bend your knees, and join both the soles of your feet together.
  • Try pulling your heels closer to the pillow.
  • Now push your knees away from one another and try to lower them slowly on the floor.
  • Then open up your chest and draw the abdomen in.
  • Hold the pose for three minutes.

  • Put two pillows parallel to one another on the floor.
  • Keeping your knees joint, kneel down on the pillows.
  • Put a rolled towel under your butt and a towel on your shins
  • Stretch your chest as much as possible and sit upright, so that you feel as though you are clutching your kidneys.
  • Put your palms on your lap, closer to your knees.
  • Maintain this position for a minute.

    This is another great ‘asan’ in yoga for asthma patients. To do this ‘asan’:

  • Sit with your back against the wall, such that your shoulders and back are touching the wall completely.
  • Put your palms on the floor and sit on the bones of your buttock.
  • Your hips, vision and fingers should be pointing straight ahead
  • Push your torso forward with the help of your palms
  • While exhaling stretch your legs horizontally as much as possible
  • Place your hands behind your back and palms on the floor.
  • Try to lift your waist. Moreover, revolve your thighs to the front so that the knee caps face the ceiling
  • Move your weight from your thigh to your bone
  • Elongate both legs
  • Keep the position for 40 seconds

    DANDASANA is a very effective ‘asan’ in yoga for asthma victims. To try this ‘asan’:

  • Sit on the floor in an erect posture.
  • Bend your knees
  • Sit on your buttock bones
  • Now erect both the legs but not simultaneously. Make sure by the time your bring them together they are completely joined from the inner side.
  • Now stretch your knees and toes
  • After this, press your palms on floor stretch your arms and elbows
  • Now lift your abdominal area up
  • Hold the position for a minute.
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