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Bildwerk is the collaborative project of long term friends Abel (Optics) and Ole Koopmans. While the foundation of their friendship resides from a common interest in provocation and laughter, their friendship has gradually evolved in a shared philosophy of life.

They were both raised in a musically rich environment, but as rebels see fit all their knowledge and skills were self-taught. Every sound or object around them can influence their music, which also translates back into the esthetics of their project. With Bildwerk they aim to create deep and powerfull stories while retaining a certain playfulness, which has and always will be an important factor in their interpersonal relationship.

In order to create a powerfull story, there has to be a strong connection between the dj and the dancefloor, which they believe can only be achieved through actively analysing and manipulating them by means of track selection. As they both see dancing as a form of therapy and because they are both fervent dancers themselves, they like to play fast and groovy, always looking for a characteristic and alluring dynamic.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bildwerkkunst/
Souncloud page: https://soundcloud.com/framed-user