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Breast Enlargement With Fat Transfer VASER Liposuction

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Breast augmentation has gained much popularity over the last few decades now. Women often correct their contours and bring symmetry to their existing shape and size. Though there are varied parts of the breast related surgeries, but breast implants are the most commonly sought for.

With the main intension of enlarging the breasts, women go for breast augmentation surgery and implants. There is another way of gaining mass in your breast area with VASER liposuction.

To fulfill the diverse needs of varied candidates, there are diverse ways and VASER Lipo Hi- Definition 3D and 4D methods have evolved with fulfilling the promises. In this innovative process, fat from certain areas ate suctioned out and injected into the layers of breasts for adding definition and volume to the targeted areas.

And the best part is that along with the enhancement of the breast region, there is also a reduction in your abdomen or assorted region from where the unwanted mass is removed. VASER liposuction is a less invasive method requiring less recovery time and involvement like the other methods. Not only are the results varying naturally, but also cost effective. The desired size is chosen from before with the patient’s disposition and accordingly the excess adipose tissue is frozen and is subsequently injected for achieving the desired dimension.

Fat grafting is a procedure used for removing the fat from unwanted areas like hips, abdomen and outer thighs and lesser common areas like the inner thighs, arms, inner knee area. The fat absorbed form these areas are transferred to the breast for a natural and fuller appearance.

Fat grafting is performed to increase the lower pole and the upper pole fullness of the breasts, which is measured by ½ and ¾ cup size for a modest increase.

The Procedure In Details:

A VASER probe is inserted and the tip emits gentle ultrasound waves which allow separating the fat cells, making removal of it easier, without destroying any adipocyte fat cells, which are transplanted in the breast area. This process is known as Ultrasound- assisted Liposuction.

Performed on the donor site, this process is gentle, which keep the stem cells and the fat cells alive for grafting the area.

They are shifted once the fat is loosened and separated with an aspirating device into a canister.

The fat grafting material is prepared which includes the separation of stem cells and fat cells from unwanted blood products, local anesthesia and serum. With the help of a blunt-nose injection, the subcutaneous tissue in the breast gland is reached. A small blunt headed micro cannula is inserted for fat grafting and deposition.

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