June 19, 2024


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Buttocks Liposuction Using SmartLipo

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In order to look naturally attractive, the size and shape of the buttocks need to be in proportion with the rest of the body. For women, it is a region commonly targeted by fat. Buttocks liposuction using SmartLipo Triplex leaves is the latest advancement which gets rid of fat permanently and gives you a graceful appearance.

Sophisticated Treatment at Its Best-the SmartLipo Triplex

Skilled plastic surgeons utilize the sophisticated SmartLipo Triplex device which offers precision based treatment of various body areas, including the derriere. Manufactured and introduced by Cynosure, it is the only laser assisted modality which uses triple wavelength (1064, 1320 and 1440 nm) in a single output to dissipate stubborn and superficial layers of fat from the buttocks for painless extraction.

The new modality uses medical grade laser which doesn’t scatter or cause damage to the surrounding vital tissues. When compared to other minimally invasive devices, SmartLipo Triplex gives a symmetric look to the buttocks and is proven to be 20 times more efficient for high definition cosmetic procedure. Moreover, much like its predecessor SmartLipo MPX, it tightens skin and coagulates tissue simultaneously during the procedure.

Safe Procedure with Minimum Downtime

When it is a matter of patient safety, SmartLipo Triplex stands unparalleled. Its SmartSense with ThermaGuide feature monitors the skin temperature and delivers safe levels of energy. Local anesthesia is now administered in place of general anesthetic. This allows patients to undergo a surgical procedure without fearing serious risks or complications. They recover in a few days’ time and resume work like before.

Buttock liposuction using SmartLipo Triplex ensures flawless results, which gives the patients renewed self esteem and confidence. A beautiful body contour gives them the freedom to wear clothes of their choice, since there is no longer any need to cover up embarrassing body areas.

Source by Dr. Christopher T. Chia

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