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CALISTHENICS FOR BEGINNERS | Episode 4 | HEALTHY DIET PLAN | Rajan Sharma |Hindi | MuscleBlaze

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MuscleBlaze India’s leading sports and nutrition brand in association with All India Strength Wars (AISW) and India’s leading Calisthenics Coach and Trainer Rajan Sharma presents the most-awaited Calisthenics Series- INDIA CALISTHENICS.

You have seen, many videos of Calisthenics in bits and pieces, but what is different in this series is that we would cover all aspects of Calisthenics from A-Z right from the basic level so that you can start your journey right here and right now.

This series would be a detailed series for every fitness enthusiast who wants to learn Calisthenics and wants to pursue his/her fitness journey or wants to transform his/her body through Calisthenics.

This series would be divided into 3 levels-
Level 1- Calisthenics for Beginner Level
Level 2 – Calisthenics for Intermediate Level
Level 3- Calisthenics for Advance Level.

Under each level, we would talk about different aspects of the workout, body training, injury prevention, diet, and progression cycle. Each level would be backed by pro tips and easy steps so that you can not only see but learn alongside.

Also, we would be covering different skills of Calisthenics at different levels and would try to answer all the questions and doubts of any Calisthenics enthusiast.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start learning Calisthenics with MuscleBlaze because- #NaamHaiZiddi.
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