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Can Liposuction Remove Excess Fat on My Abdomen?

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For several years, diet and exercise were the only two ways in which weight reduction was possible. However, these ways don’t seem to work for everyone. For some, achieving a flat abdomen through diet and exercise alone is not possible. Many people have realized that liposuction is definitely an effective way to lose excess body fat. This procedure is quite safe and is worth the money if you choose an experienced and efficient plastic surgeon.

There are several centers of plastic surgery wherein individualized and safe abdomen liposuction is provided for men as well as women. Professional surgeons carry out this procedure with the help of various technologies such as Smartlipo Triplex, VASER 2.0 and BodyTite. With these procedures, the risks are minimal since these are minimally invasive.

Abdomen Liposuction Helps to Remove Excess Fat

With abdomen liposuction, it is definitely possible to get rid of those distressing fat pockets. Even though no worthwhile results are given by dieting and exercise, you can benefit from laser liposuction. Various benefits are offered by Smartlipo to those women who are eager to get into shape after pregnancy or for those men who don’t want that unsightly paunch. With these procedures, a flatter and well-contoured abdomen can be obtained. There are many plastic surgeons specialized in providing abdomen liposuction.

Given below are several aesthetic concerns that can be addressed with abdomen liposuction.

  • Stretching of abdominal muscles during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is seen that the muscles of the abdomen get stretched. Owing to this, bulging of the lower abdomen is seen. Many women who have opted for this surgery have received positive results.

  • Section bulge

Often, when it comes to Caesarian sections, the surgeon makes a Pfannenstiel incision across the lower abdomen. A persistent bulge is seen above the incision. Abdominal liposuction can easily repair this annoying aesthetic concern.

  • Prior obesity

Owing to subsequent weight loss and prior obesity, more fibrous fat is produced. This procedure is opted by many people for addressing this problem.

You Can Achieve a Significant Difference with This Procedure

For removing the excess fat and for skin tightening, the surgeon uses technologies that are highly advanced. These include:

Smartlipo Triplex

This is a minimally invasive device which utilizes 3 powerful laser wavelengths for effective liposuction. This ensures attractive body contouring results.


In this device, radiofrequency energy is used for removal of fat and tightening of skin.

Vaser 2.0

In this, the surgeon uses ultrasound energy. You can achieve superior body contouring results.

These Procedures Ensure Safe and Fast Recovery

If these innovative devices of body sculpting are used, dramatic results can be brought about. Fat is removed safely and no risks or discomfort are experienced by patients.

What are the major advantages of these procedures?

  • Safe and quick procedures
  • Fat is reduced effectively
  • High-def sculpting
  • Recovery time is faster
  • Treatment time is less

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