May 17, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Candida and Cellulite – The Effect of Anti Candida Regime

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Though the subject of cellulite seems a bit trivial, it’s a good indicator of how choked up with toxins your body really is. Some people who started the anti-candida regime noticed a massive improvement in their all over skin tone and cellulite. The guess is that candida overgrowth is not a catalyst for cellulite; rather the same poor diet encourages both to flourish.

A candida sufferer who noticed this in her own body talked to a beauty therapist about the improvement of cellulite. The therapist knew nothing about Candida but she explained the type of diet she is following. The therapist said the diet is very detoxifying which is good, but that she should also avoid ‘Spicy Food’ to further improve cellulite. She wasn’t very clear on what constituted spicy food though, but it is advice that I’ve heard before.

So the question is: what’s wrong with Spicy food? Most people with candida are happy to increase their intake of chilies, fresh herbs, and spices to make their diet more interesting. And turmeric and cumin are supposed to be especially good for fighting Candida while Coriander is a good chelator.

According to my experience and other’s shares, giving up spices made her cellulite disappear, literally. Some spices, and very hot or peppery foods, can irritate a leaky gut and thus let more toxins into the system, apparently. Other than that, if you think it through, adding spices to foods originated as a method of preservation, because so many of them are antifungal.

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