June 17, 2024


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Cardi B Reveals She Had Liposuction Okurrr | Busy Tonight | E!

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The “I Like It” rapper’s money-making show must go on! Plus, microdosing really is becoming the trend with mothers. Watch on “Busy Tonight.”

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Cardi B Reveals She Had Liposuction Okurrr | Busy Tonight | E!


25 thoughts on “Cardi B Reveals She Had Liposuction Okurrr | Busy Tonight | E!

  1. Lmfao!!!!! Omg I just discovered your show only to learn that it was cancelled?!! Thafkk?? You are so halarious! You keep going girl I know you will make it!

  2. I gave my kids mental health days. They'd humm the song from Ferris Buler into my voicemail, cause I was at work (this was 5th grade and above)
    Anyway, yea, some days we'd take a mental health day together, make cookies and popcorn and binge Harry Potter movies….it's hard being human out here

  3. I love how open Cardi is about her surgeries. Legit almost every mom or any insta baddie gets these type of surgeries & try to keep it lowkey. It’s refreshing to hear someone be real about how they’re not real 😂

  4. Really gonna miss this show! You'd think with all the $ E makes on trash that genuinely effs up our culture & women, that they would keep this show going just for medicinal purposes. Anyhow, Busy oughta have Freckle, Ed & Chloe Fineman on before she bows! Xox and then we'll see her somewhere else soon cuz she's a STAR

  5. My mother in law gave all her boys a mental health day a couple times a school year, if they kept up their grades and responsibilities. We continued the tradition because it's important. We are putting so much on kids today; school shooting drills, my 10 year old is having sex education in school already, they have twelve times the amount of homework we did in the 80s and 90s. A mental health day is almost a necessity these days.

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