February 29, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Cellfina | Cellulite Treatment | West Hollywood, CA | Dr. Jason Emer

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In this video, I am marking this patient who came to me seeking a treatment to correct her cellulite. At my practice, the leading and most effective solution is Cellfina. The Cellfina system breaks apart the connective bands that are woven throughout the fat layer. These bands, which hold down the skin, are what cause the rippling effect that we recognize as cellulite. When these bands are ruptured, the ripples in the skin that are caused by the tension from these bands are smoothened out; returning back to the original, even and smooth texture the skin once had. It is crucial to mark the patient under a special light prior to the procedure so that I can ensure accuracy when the patient is in treatment.


Dr. Jason Emer is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic, laser and procedural dermatology, including facial sculpting with fillers and hi definition body contouring transformations in West Hollywood, California. He is behind some of Beverly Hills most defined bodies, impeccable skin, and chiseled facial features. He is an aesthetic visionary who dares to be different.

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