June 19, 2024


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Cellulean Cellulite Reviews – Does Cellulean Cream Work?

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For those wanting to know where to buy Cellulean cream which is described as a proven active slimming serum, manufacturers state that Cellulean is the only verified solution for effective cellulite reduction now available online.

So far Cellulean reviews by users have been impressive, where manufacturers credit this new cellulite slimming cream to the prescription asthma drug named Aminophylline, which has been scientifically proven by a total of nine clinical trials conducted by UCLA Medical Center and Louisiana State University Health Science Center to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

As radical as having a cream that will reduce cellulite sounds, topical fat & cellulite reduction was in fact first discovered by accident 15 years ago during asthma studies at UCLA. Doctors carrying out tests, unexpectedly observed localized fat reduction in women's thighs after injecting them with Aminophylline, leaving sink holes where the injection site had occurred.

This immediately sparked a research into the possibility of targeted fat reduction, through a serum distributed topically or an ointment, consisting of trans-dermal carrying agents with the ability to carry Aminophylline through the skin membrane.

Derived from all natural trans-dermal carrying agents and pharmaceutical agents, these active ingredients are able to penetrate the skin, moving into the fat cells where these agents can go to work by visually reducing the fat from the abdominal region, arms, legs and buttocks , along with puffy cheeks, double-chins and under eye bags.

Cellulean creams active cellulite serum is the result of nine arduous clinical trial studies over a period of 2 years, which have demonstrated Aminophylline is effective in localized topical fat areas and cellulite reduction. Reports suggest Cellulean offers the individual firmer, smoother skin, displaying tighter elasticity, along with visual slimming and rejuvenating abilities.

Described as a clean, fresh and easy way to help return your body into great shape, Celluleans potential age defying, hydro-allergenic formula which is dermatologist tested, could well be the very first successful cellulite cream available worldwide and now available online to treat the build up of cellulite, if this products claims really do hold weight.

Source by Rob R Carmichael

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