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Get Rid Cellulite

Cellulite – It’s Nature And Fallacies Surrounding It

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Nature Of Cellulite

Our skin’s surface is covered with a layer of fat over most of the body. Fat is a form of loose connective tissue that is found beneath the skin, also surrounding muscles, organs and joints in our body. The main role of this fat layer is to make sure of cushioning, thermoregulation, filling of body space. Besides, it also acts as a source of energy.

Energy is drawn from lipids accumulated in the fat cells. When energy is needed, triglyceride molecules break down into glycerol and fatty acids which are metabolized as energy source. Hence, the fat cell act as an energy reservoir for the body.

Scientific study has found that in the female body, the uppermost layer of skin comprises of fat cells. These are in the shape of chambers. The top of these fat chambers is weak and collapses under external pressure. These larger chambers along with compartments of fat cells form groups or clusters under the skin. These fat cell chambers and clusters of fat cells change the appearance of the skin’s surface, known as cellulite.

In addition, in cellulite tissue, there is a concomitant reduction in structural proteins like elastin and collagen fibers. Biological ageing causes these proteins to stiffen and become in-flexible. Bloating fat cells, pooling fluids, toxins and poor blood circulation aggravates drop in firmness. As a result cellulite is the cumulative after effect of all factors converging on a cluster of fat cells.

Another major precipitating cause of cellulite is breakdown of connective fibers, resulting from a drop in efficiency of the circulatory system. Inadequate circulation contributes significantly to cellulite formation. Therefore, once cellulite builds up it impedes circulation in an area even more.

Fallacies About Cellulite

Some common fallacies about cellulite are worth studying.

Fallacy. Cellulite Can Never Be Cured

Fact. Many women, and men do not treat their cellulite problems because of widespread misinformation. They think that there is absolutely nothing that they can do to remedy their cellulite problem. If dieting, liposuction, and exercising can not get rid of cellulite, then there might be no cure for cellulite after all. But we know from experience this is untrue. Cellulite is actually reversible and curable.

Fallacy. Only Overweight People Can Have Cellulite

Fact. No doubt, being overweight can really exacerbate cellulite. That’s because fat cells push subcutaneous fat closer to the skin, making cellulite more pronounced. Yet lean and thin people can also build cellulite, as proved by examples of thin and lean celebrities who have cellulite problems in abundance.

Fallacy. Liposuction Is The Ultimate Cure

Fact. Liposuction is not the most suitable method of reducing cellulite. It is known in many cases that liposuction has caused deeper creases on the skin when employed to cut cellulite.

Fallacy. Cellulite Attacks Thighs Mainly

Fact. Most people have cellulite on their thighs and buttocks. Yet there are instances when cellulite commonly affects the upper arms, neck, and even the belly.

Fallacy. Older Women Are Most Vulnerable To Cellulite

Fact. Cellulite in older women shows up as ugly “dents”, lumps and bumps. Yet it is not uncommon to see cellulite hitting women at an early age. Although women are more likely to have cellulite than men, the male gender is not spared from this ugly aesthetic issue. About 5% of people with cellulite are actually male.


Cellulite is a result of poor blood circulation and breakdown of structural proteins. It is also affected by the ageing process. Yet many fallacies surrounding cellulite are worth setting right;for instance the fact is cellulite is curable.

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