May 18, 2024


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Colloidal Silver in Animals

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Colloidal silver – a suspension of fine silver particles – is highly effective in treating various animal diseases. The germicide property of the suspension kills bacteria, viruses, and other insects. Colloidal silver has properties that enhance an animal’s immune system. Some animals tend to gain energy and weight after completing a course of celluloid silver.

Colloidal silver plays a vital role in maintaining the everyday health and hygiene of the pets. It can be mixed with animal shampoo to utilize the disinfectant benefits. Unlike antibiotic drugs, colloidal silver does not cause any side effect when taken in small quantities. Usually, half the adult dose is used in animals. For young animals like calves and foals, a small amount of colloidal silver is given twice a day.

The antiseptic power of colloidal silver is highly beneficial in treating common eye diseases like conjunctivitis and chlamydia eye problem. It also helps to fight against bacterial ear infection and abscesses, which are common among pets. A pure solution of colloidal silver is good for common coughs and colds. Moreover, celluloid silver rapidly heals tick and flea bite wounds in dogs and cats. Seedy toe (white line disease) of the foot – a growing problem in horses – can be treated successfully with colloidal silver solution.

According to the FDA reports, colloidal silver products are widely used to cure mastitis and other diseases in dairy cattle. The milk and meat of such animals show traces of silver deposits. If they enter the human body, these silver particles can cause serious health problems like argyria. Considering this, the FDA has banned the use of colloidal silver products in dairy cattle.

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