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Complications of Liposuction

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Before actually deciding to undergo this cosmetic surgical procedure called liposuction, it is a mandate that cosmetic surgeons explain very well beforehand the benefits and the dangers of liposuction. It is required that patients are informed and understood the possible consequences of the said procedures which will be discussed in this topic.

The very minor disadvantage of liposuction is creating pigmentation in the patient's body that usually appears in the legs and abdomen. For most cases, it is not something to be trouble about because it generally fades in a period of more or less six months though there are some instances wherein the pigmentation is resolved only by series of chemical and physical treatments that could cost you more money, time, and effort to deal with.

Another consequence that could possible take place after the procedure is the unsightly uneven skin which can be resolved by taking subcutaneous tissue on another part of the patient's body and placing it to the depressed part to make it more even. If large area of ​​the body is involved, second liposuction is the best solution.

Asymmetry could also happen in legs or arms liposuction as a result of using different size of cannula on both sides of the targeted areas. This problem is also corrected by a second liposuction. The complications arising from asymmetry is chronic pain or chronic hardening and thickening of involved tissue.

Aside from the above mentioned possible consequence after the procedure, seroma and hematoma could come up but is easily resolved by creating drainage as an escape for the serous fluids that build inside the punctured area.

Those are just few of the many complications that could arise after lipo weight loss. More serious complications are fracture of muscle fibers, bleeding, elevated compartment pressure and neurovascular compression that requires immediate medical attention.

Source by Sandra K Jensen

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