September 23, 2023


Get Rid Cellulite

Eliminate cellulite with foam roller effectively. No pain, no gain!

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What is Face Yoga?
Face Yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance, a.k.a. natural alternative to botox or plastic surgery! We wake up sleeping facial muscles in the face to lift up the skin and relax over-working facial muscles for wrinkle reduction .

My Bio:
Born and grown up in Japan where Face Yoga has been popular, I have been practicing Facial Yoga over a decade and started teaching since 2018. (A study shows it works!) My clients include Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashin, and more!

Voted #1 PopularYogaClass at The Yoga Expo Los Angeles
CIDESCO License Holder (most internationally respected Aesthetic License)
Certified Facial Yoga Instructor from Japan

How did she get interested in Face Yoga?
At the age of 27, I was advised to add implant by a doctor, so did it, because the doctor told her that it can be easily removed if she doesn’t like it. Unfortunately, the chin got distorted and I didn’t like it, so obviously had it removed, but the chin has never been the same as before. It is distorted to a side (asymmetrical chin), which made me realize that I should have pursued more natural alternative such as Face Yoga!

Interested in my private session ?
Learn in a private session (one to one) so I can analyze your face thoroughly about room for improvement, your facial expression habits, your face posture, etc and provide specific exercises and tips only for you! Plus, you will receive a mini video of the exercises that we cover during the session, after the session, so you can review later. (In-Person or Online)

My Media Appearance:
Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Good Morning America, Magic for Humans (Netflix), Pop Sugar, Vogue, Fox News, CBS Morning News, InStyle, Little Women LA, KTLA Morning News, KUSI Morning News, and more!

Corporates that I have taught at:
LinkedIn, Dr. Yoko Beauty Terrace Clinic, National Resource Defense Council, Goop, Athleta, Popsugar, HUM Nutrition, Lorna Jane, Beautibi, Uruoi Skincare, and more!

Studios I have worked with:
One Life Yoga (LA), SoHo Yoga (LA), Peace Yoga Gallery (LA), Creative Chakra Spa (LA), The Healthy Spirit (San Diego), Salthaus (NY), Treatment by Lanshin (NY) and more!


11 thoughts on “Eliminate cellulite with foam roller effectively. No pain, no gain!

  1. I definitely consider this unique cellulite technique, “Tοmkαnα Weebly” (Google it) too good to be true at first. However I still ended making use of it anyhow. I already have a smooth skin which is free of bad cellulite thanks to “Tοmkαnα Weebly”. It is a lot more flexible today. Not just that, but it’s also smoother now. .

  2. When I learned regarding this cellulite treatment method called “Tοmkαnα Weebly” (Google it), I felt reluctant over it. Because I am determined to look for a solution to my dilemma, I tried it. Right now, “Tοmkαnα Weebly” has significantly smoothed away all the evident appearance of that awful cellulite from my completely new, smooth skin. My skin is significantly even more flexible and milder also. I simply like exactly how it made my own skin considerably better. You should try it as well, Google it now.. .

  3. Koko. mastering the hard foam roaller takes years. You should start with a softer one or even balls, that you can place in the trigger points and just stay untill it relax. If you put to much pressure, you can damage your fascia. And that is a deep connected tissue. Also, you can practice sitting on a chair before going to the floor. If your body posture isn´t aligned and balance, you may be doing a massage but you are risk the whole balance of your body. Your feet, knees and spine are not proper aligned.

    It´s difficult to explain how to work with just words. Hope this doesnt bother you. I´m 35 and been using foam roller for 20 years now. It´s hard to begin but then it makes easier.
    Hope this be useful.
    Love from Argentina

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