June 25, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

GLUTE & HAMSTRING WORKOUT: Getting rid of cellulite?!?!

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Hey Lovely people!

I want you to know that there is NOTHING wrong with cellulite, intact we should all embrace it. I still have it, I also have stretch marks, I have spots and very bad days. This is a brilliant workout to strengthen and tone your hamstrings and glutes.


1. SLD 12×4
2. SUPERSET: Split squats 10 reps into SLD using dumbbells 10 reps 4 sets
3. Pull throughs: 12×4
4. Single Leg deadlift: 12reps 4 sets


I hope you love this workout!!

WEARING: gymshark flex legging and vital seamless sports bra

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49 thoughts on “GLUTE & HAMSTRING WORKOUT: Getting rid of cellulite?!?!

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  3. How do people have time to do their hair everyday 😂 I have those shorter front pieces too and they curl in, I don't have time to make it look good 😂

  4. Thank you again for more great content Krissy! I just saw your instagram post and want to let you know that it's normal to feel a little lost at these "transition" periods in your life but I want to remind you that you help so many people everyday. I think you're such a great role model and you've really helped me with my confidence in the gym and maintaining a more healthy lifestyle. Keep doing what makes you happy and you'll figure it out along the way Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. First off, many thanks for the videos! I would like to request a chest workout video. Maybe somethings that may help reduce saggy breasts, or that might help prevent them sagging lower. Naturally having a larger bust, breast feeding, and weight loss have took a toll on my chest making me feel as if surgery for a breast lift might be my only option. I'm terrified about the idea of going under the knife, and was wondering if there are maybe a few workouts you personally recommend. Thanks for your amazing dedication to all of us! Love you so much!

  6. Video Requests/Suggestions:
    -video regarding mainly on stretches and warmups for every muscle
    -after one of your videos that is uploaded during the week you should totally recommend us a song or a few that you love to listen to while working out
    -video on only standing and or hanging ab exercises
    -how to engage your core video
    -exercises that can help slim (even just a little bit) inner thighs
    -grocery shop with me video!

    That’s all I can think of for now! Love ya girl💗

  7. can you do an isolated glutes workout? I love trainin my booty:) im not a dead lift girl…i had a bad car accident a few years back and i cant bend that much without causing inflammation:( I love your videos though! Very helpful. Keep doing what your doing!

  8. Man you’re beautiful! Love the video… I really like to work on my hamstrings and you’re a queen for that thank you! I appreciate everything you do for us! ❤️

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