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Get Rid Cellulite

Homemade Cellulite Cream – A Simple Recipe

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Women today are very concerned about having smooth and beautiful skin. In a particular area of the female body -the thighs and buttocks- this is very difficult to achieve. That is because cellulite can build up, giving the skin a “cottage cheese” appearance. The cause of this problem is cellulite, and the solution is to use anti cellulite cream.

Some brands of cellulite cream, such as Neutrogena, are very popular among women. However, such creams can be expensive and might contain harmful artificial additives. The best solution is make your own homemade cellulite cream. This can be achieved through a rather simple recipe that involves the use of some ingredients you may already have in your kitchen cabinet.

Using Sea Salt to make a Homemade Cellulite Cream

This is is actually a recipe for something more like a scrub than a cream. The scrub contains two different types of sea salts and some varieties of oil. It will produce the same impressive effects as a cream and will be as good as any anti-cellulite treatment creams you can buy at the drugstore.

To make it, you most assemble the following ingredients:

Salts you will need: Dead Sea Salt and Celtic Sea Salt

Oils you will need: Vegetable Oil (also known as “salad oil”), Lemon Oil, Juniper Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil

Other ingredients: A few drops of ginger

To start, put the vegetable oil into a mixing pan and add each other oil into the pan one by one. As you do this, mix the oils together thoroughly so that things are nice and even. After making a nice oil mixture, you will want to slowly sprinkle both salts into it. Mix the salt together with the oil in a gentle manner.

When you are finished, put it in a plastic container with a tight lid, label it so you do not accidentally think it’s food, and place it in your refrigerator.

How to Use It

After about a day, you can start to use your homemade cellulite cream. Simply rub it on the area of your body that has a cellulite problem and massage. Repeat more than once during each session. Do this regularly over a couple months, and you should start to see results.

Source by Karen Gluckfeld

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