December 8, 2023


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How Table Tennis Transcended Through Time

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Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world at these times. It has been an addictive sport to old ones and young ones alike. Well truthfully saying, the sport of table tennis has gone to numerous adjustments before reaching to what it is now. One of the most beautiful things with it is its colourful history. Before it was just an ordinary sport that is played just for a leisure pursuit, but you can see it now played in the Olympic Games. Indeed, it started from a humble beginning. This is also commonly referred to as ping-pong.

First and foremost, the game was actually coined way back in the late nineteenth century. It was first started in Britain wherein local communities played with it. The thing that they were playing was a raw version compared to the original one. However when it was introduced to England, the sport became more famous. Since many people were fascinate by this sport, a certain person named Hamley created or generated the first real racket. It was on twentieth century wherein he introduced this to the society.

The racket is composed of a wooden grip which is shaped on an oval frame. When it was seen by English manufacturers named J. Jacques and Son Ltd, they gave its authorized name which is referred now as ping-pong. Because the game was fun and enjoying, the games was further enhanced and modernized. It was in 1903 wherein E.C. Goode invented a contemporary look for table tennis. It was here that a bat made of wood was utilized. They also attached a rubber holding on the grip. This was a better handle compared to the previous one. Before the bat was modernized, an English person named James Gibb had created a celluloid ball. This ball can bounce better than the original ball used.

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