September 30, 2022

Ibsen Martinez

Get Rid Cellulite

How to lift and brighten your face and reduce cellulite with gua sha massage

Katie Brindle of the Hayo’u Method shows how these 4 jade beauty tools can improve skin glow and boost health and why jade body combing is great for cellulite

Produced in partnership with Hayo’u.


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We’ve been a fans of the original Hayo’u Beauty Restorer ever since it launched in 2017 and have written about it many times on Get The Gloss. Since then Hayo’u founder Katie Brindle, a Chinese medical practitioner and acupuncturist, has launched 3 more targeted beauty tools. They are rather like makeup brushes for skincare with different shapes and sizes for different purposes.
We caught up with her to find out what they are and how to use them.

1. The Hayo’u Beauty Restorer: your gua sha glow essential

This original hero tool is designed to nourish the skin by bringing blood to the surface. Using the rounded edge of the tool, you ‘press stroke’ across your skin in a gentle but firm upward movement following the contours of the face, explains Katie. “You’re looking for a red flush – it’s drawing the microcirculation up by 400 per cent. You are drawing nutritious oxygenated blood to the surface of your skin from the inside out.”

The tool works with your existing creams and can even help them penetrate better. In the video, Katie also demonstrates some acupressure points on the face which can be stimulated with the Beauty Restorer to relieve tired eyes, a clenched jaw and sinusitis. The tool can also be drawn along the chin to sculpt the jawline.

If you have inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne or rosacea, press stroking the face isn’t advised. Instead, Katie recommends holding the flat side of the tool on to your face to calm inflammation and press stroking across the chest instead.

2. The Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Lite: a natural Botox alternative

Gua sha devotees who loved the results of the original tool began asking Katie whether they could do it for longer – and how. So she came up with a thinner tool, the Beauty Restorer Lite, which could be used for up to an hour. Perfect in front of the TV.

Katie used to have Botox to zap the wrinkles on her forehead, but now she uses the Beauty Restorer Lite to press stroke them away. It makes expression lines softer, she says.

3. The Beauty Restorer Precision: for banishing lines around eyes and lips

This is Katie’s preferred tool, she says, “because I’m very prone to lines and wrinkles.” Its fine edge is perfect for helping tackle crows’ feet, eye bags, hooded eyes and lines around the lips. Katie demonstrates the featherlight stroke technique needed for this tool. Used around the lips it can also act as a plumper. It’s also great for healing chapped lips.

4. The Beauty Restorer Comb: for headaches, hair boosting – and cellulite

This jade comb is beneficial for thinning hair because it feeds the follicles with blood. “If you are having a bad hair day it invigorates the scalp and makes the hair look more bushy,” she says.
“It’s also fantastic for headaches or tiredness, if you’ve been at your desk for a long time, it gets the circulation back into your scalp.”
Recently Katie was visiting Taiwan where she discovered an unexpected and ingenious use for the jade comb. “It’s called Body Combing, you heard it here first! It’s fantastic for cellulite.”

The Beauty Restorer and Comb both cost £38, The Lite and Precision £35. To shop and to see more videos demonstrating how to use them go to