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How To Successfully Keep Up With Your Diet

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To keep on top of your healthy diet you need to allow yourself time to eat mindfully. You also would need time to wind down after a hard day at work or doing housework. Also, set aside half an hour per day to do your exercise.

How can you achieve all those goals?

1. As a mother and housewife, delegate your housework. This will free up time to look after you. You will be able to relax, do your exercises and eat mindfully. For instance, your daughter can take over the vacuum cleaning and dusting. Your husband can do the shopping or online shopping. If you have a dog, YOU walk him.

2. Let your family know that you are on a healthy diet at the moment. Ask them to support you whenever they can. Let me also know what time you will be doing your exercise or meditation. Plan your exercising into your daily chores agenda. Before you go for your daily jogging exercise ask your family whether one of them wants to join you. Exercising together is more motivating and encouraging. Budding up is more fun too.

3. With regards to eating with your family, you don’t need to completely separate your meals. You can cook meals that complement with each other. Let us assume that your husband and children are going to eat roast beef with roasted potatoes and vegetables. And you are planning to eat lean steamed chicken with vegetables. Cook the same vegetables you cook for your family also for yourself. And also offer your family the chicken you eat. There might be a good chance that they begin to eat your healthy meals after a while.

4. The temptation to eat the sweets your family consume is the hardest reason to stay on track with your healthy diet. I have learned this from my own experience. My boyfriend enjoys eating donuts and white bread. But I can’t eat sugar and wheat. Resisting the donuts and white bread is difficult. But I found an affirmation which I say to myself every morning when I get up. The affirmation goes as follows: “I nurture my body only with healthy food”. I have written down this affirmation on post-it notes. You can stick the affirmation on a notice board, the fridge, the bedroom mirror and the bathroom mirror, and the dashboard in your car. And if you are really meaning to overcome your unhealthy eating habits, stick also one post-it on your computer at the desk at work.

I hope this article has given you some helpful hints how to stick with your healthy diet. And I wish you every success in overcoming those unhealthy and sudden food cravings for sweets and other unhealthy foods.

Source by Monika Kloeckner

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