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How to Use Acupressure for Height Increase

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It has yet to be proved scientifically that you can grow taller faster by undergoing acupuncture, reiki or acupressure, although there is a lot of scientific jargon which tries to explain how to be taller by having acupressure treatment or acupuncture.

What can be achieved by acupuncture and acupressure is a better posture (the way you stand) as it helps to align the spine and gets it into a better shape. When you stand, you might slouch, because you don’t want to be noticed, and this will make you appear shorter than you actually are.

There are videos online which show people looking taller and these are advertised as growing taller fast after acupuncture and acupressure, but the reputable sites do not claim that the growth is permanent. If you need to look taller for a one-off occasion, then it could work for you, but the effects are not lasting.

Books, videos, and demonstrations.can be found online, but beware of false claims. As with Aqua Acupuncture, described below, this therapy relaxes the muscles and can help with posture problems, but that is all that can be scientifically proven.

A much-hyped form of acupuncture showing how to be taller faster is called Aqua Acupuncture and the doctor who has pioneered this treatment states categorically that his treatment works. However, the videos which are used to demonstrate his technique are far from being persuasive. The Aqua Acupuncture treatment involves sterilized water being injected into certain point of the body just under the skin level. The water is introduced at points such as the ears, back of the neck, top of the head and knees. It is claimed that this treatment will permanently increase one’s height from half a centimeter up to an amazing length.

If you are skeptical, who can blame you? This treatment is, of course, expensive, and there is a book called “Clinical Acupuncture” written by a Dr. Anton Jayasuriya which explains how to be taller faster, among other things.

However exercises are free and although they take time, they can work along with a healthy nutritious diet and the optimum amount of sleep. If you want to try acupuncture or acupressure, then by all means give them a try, but don’t expect any possible gain in height to be permanent.

If you have bad posture then it is possible for this to be corrected through an acupuncture course and you will look taller, but this is your actual height and not a miracle. Remember that if you slouch you are not standing erect and showing your height to its full potential; slouching also makes you look as though you are insecure, which is not attractive. The clothes you wear and the way you stand can appear to add inches to your height.

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