April 18, 2024


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I Got LIPOSUCTION!! My Liposuction Journey on 14 Areas #Kikis30DayJourney

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42 thoughts on “I Got LIPOSUCTION!! My Liposuction Journey on 14 Areas #Kikis30DayJourney

  1. This was the most informative video that I've seen on the recovery after liposuction and it just hits home because right now I'm very nervous about going to have my liposuction done in about a month so I'm really nervous about how I will feel afterwards and you know my journey to you know getting the body that I want and just listening to you it is so real and it just hits home so I thank you for the video

  2. Yeah it takes like 2-3 days for the anesthesia to get out of your body too. So factor that with all the other things, it’s totally serious

  3. Hi i got my lipo done on wednesday so 48 hrs now. Got it done on my flank thighs and buttock area. I am swollen a lot. Taking things slowly really. Can relate to kiki's experience totally!!!
    Wish me luck for good recovery friends! Thank you

  4. Where did you buy your garment? I did mine 3 days ago and I hate having to undo the bottom part of my garment because it's hard to attach it by myself. How did you sleep? I've been staying on my couch and it's still uncomfortable

  5. Thanks a lot for all the real information about how it went down afterwards. I getting my tummy tuck and lipo done in August and I'm excited but sacred of the future pain already. I know a bit more about the reality of it now . Thanks πŸ₯°

  6. Hahaha!!! Girl I went through the same experience! Peeing through the compression garment the first day was the weirdest thing and I kept worrying that urine would get on the garment. But that never happened. -And the healing days seemed like forever!!!

  7. I have vaser Lipo recently I get 7 liters suck out but I heal very well I don't have swelling only first day after that I don't have swelling in my body the key of recovery is drink a lot of liquid drink n drink I do admit I do use drink turmeric tablet I don't take any pain killer

  8. Wow! Thanks for this honest telling of your experience! You had me lol’ing when u were saying u were trying to speak Spanish to get their attention! Lol but seriously it’s a scary procedure !

  9. Girl, you didn't do your research before you got surgery πŸ™„. That wasn't smart. If you had done some research, you would have know all that. They say it all over and over again πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ in every video. I'm happy you're OK πŸ‘. Do your research next time.

  10. Thank you so much for telling us the Real. This is the stuff you need to be prepared for. I am so worried about being able to sleep. I am worried about the compression garment. I hate tight clothing. This was so helpful.

  11. BEWARE of some MD from MIAMI!!! Lipo surgery basically is done by freezing the area to be treated! … ALWAYS Make Sure, Surgery is performed in a Hospital, NOT at a Office!!! … Many individuals have Died from complication and infectionss !!CHECK out the MD !! Check the internent see what his reputation is…Check with the medical board assocication.

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