May 22, 2022

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Japanese Handmade Eyeglasses

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As the most famous eyeglass artisan, Tai Hachiro are well known for his high quality handmade eyeglasses. Many film stars and celebrities, like Kimura Takuya, always appears in public, wearing Tai Hachiro handmade eyeglasses. Manufactured with strict traditional craft, the eyeglasses shines out with great brilliancy. The wearers would appear extraordinarily charming and alluring.

Mr. Tai Hachiro is so infatuated with the spatial relation between eyeglasses and faces, his eyeglasses are really artsy. Through his works, one can be easy to observe his idea that eyeglasses are able to achieve everything and they can be referred as wearable buildings. However, Mr. Tai Hachiro lives isolated in a small county in Japan, and he at most skillfully manufactures 200 pairs, which is his high point every month. Moreover, his son has not inherited his skills, therefore, each pair of this Japanese eyeglasses are fully precious, and naturally they cost high. Usually one has to order three months in advance, or it is hard to buy Tai Hachiro handmade eyeglasses.

Besides Tai Hachiro, there are many other handmade eyeglass manufactures, like Masayoshi and Sasaki, etc.. Their eyeglasses are well received in Japan and many other countries as well. Then what makes those Japanese eyeglasses so unique?

The basic charm for Japanese eyeglasses is the materials applied in frames, Celluloid. It is the oldest thermoplastic resin, which are featured with fast moulding, high rigidity and excellent transparency, etc.. Eyeglasses made from it have perfect adamantine luster. However, It had nearly been eliminated in the eyeglass frame production at one time, because, it is heavy, hard to get colored and inflammable. However, it is the perseverance of some eyeglass artist that keep it reserved in the eyeglass frame production. And with some improvements, the advanced celluloid bear higher stability. Therefore, the final products can be possibly made fit facial forms to the most extent. What’s more they can be processed roughly by machines, then more eyeglasses can be produced every month.

Although you may find Japanese eyeglasses cannot be so fashionable and flaring as European eyeglasses, however, once you have ever gotten in touch with them, you would fall in love with them gradually, because on both quality feeling and comfortability, European ones are incomparable with the Japanese ones. Today, in eyeglass manufacture sphere, Japanese handmade eyeglasses have been a darkhorse, attracting attentions of more and more people around the world.

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