April 18, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Leonardo Pens Momento Zero Resin & Celluloid Fountain Pens

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13 thoughts on “Leonardo Pens Momento Zero Resin & Celluloid Fountain Pens

  1. Hello, Azizah. Two beautiful pens, but I'd exchange the nibs in the bodies, & not just because of your preference – rather, the steel blade appeared to be far more robust (& sure, gold is the softer material). I do like the 'Blue Abyss', primarily due to the presence of an actual piston fill mechanism; the posh captive (cartridge) converter is nice, but personally, I'd always opt for the piston unit. I'd also say, the 'Positano Blue' body looks less expensive – you just cannot get away from those deep, dark blue hues & swirls in the Abyss (schwiiing !! ). Now (& this is only a gentle reminder), it's Father's day here in the UK – next Sunday (16th)….& I just know the name of a guy who would dearly love either of those as a giveaway….. 😀
    When I was born, subtlety was still in nappies (diapers to you)..so go on, give a middle aged man something sleek, smooth, curvaceous, & sophisticated – & no, it's not a Zimmer frame….
    Thank you, as always… ;D

  2. I've never heard of including shavings of celluloid. Can the shavings be used for anything? If not I see them as something just to be discarded. I sure like the pens though! I'd like to have one in dark blue though not quite like the blue shown here or maybe in cobalt blue.

  3. I had an odd feeling of déjà vu when I saw those two pens, and then realized they were the same ones that Stephen was showing last month. But that's okay, since watching you write is strangely sensual. 🤔

  4. Great review. I agree with you on the packaging – the simpler the better. I love the look of the Abyss, but went with the Positano due to price. Very very happy with the Positano. Needed to clean it before I used it, though, as an FYI.

  5. Thank you so much for the review. I can't remember if I messaged you before I bought mine cause I couldn't wait for your review. 😂 I love my Resin.

  6. Pretty pens for sure. I’m a sucker for chatoyance. Even though every time I type that word, I cringe a bit. Sounds ridiculously pretentious, but ever since I learned what it means, it’s the perfect word to use when the pen has it. 😉

  7. Good Day, I hope you are enjoying your new city. The Leonardo Positano in blue acrylic, is the nib a #5 or #6 size? Is there any marking on the nib to indicate who the maker is? You are familiar with the online retailers in europe; I live in the U.S., which ones do you recommend? THANK YOU for the informative and enjoyable videos you and your husband have done over the years; I am looking forward to many more.

  8. Delta's design DNA lives on even though the company is gone. The Delta Journal was a great-feeling pen. Nice to see this. Beautiful materials. I like the Positano Blue.

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