July 23, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Let's Talk About Cellulite | How To Deal With Insecurities | Aja Dang

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45 thoughts on “Let's Talk About Cellulite | How To Deal With Insecurities | Aja Dang

  1. Good point that it shouldnt matter what a man thinks. Although most people, not just men, find cellulite to be unattractive, not that having cellulite makes women unattractive overall, and I think that what's more unattractive than cellulite is being insecure about having cellulite. I think the best thing is to just accept who you are and maybe pursue other things deeper than looks. I think the most beautiful thing a person can do is accept themselves, its like fk we all end up old as and wrinkly, so if you go through life distressed about appearance youre on a downward spiral which will basically send you insane. Like im a dude with skinny legs and it used to make me insecure but i just slam them in the gym and make em the best i can, but the best thing was when i just stoped giving a fuck and worked on my passions. I reccomend accepting yourself, look straight at your flaws and then using your mind, decide to not give a single fuck

  2. Thank you! Really
    Thanks a lot!
    I have lots of stretch marks and I felt so insecure about it. I couldn‘t even wear my bikini because I felt ugly. After watching this, I kind of feel relieved, like I am beautiful and worth something.
    So thanks for this❤️

  3. Lady you owe so much in student loans, no smart guy in the world would stick around for that disaster. Get yourself fixxed then worry about a relationship.

  4. Great blog girl! ! Reminded me of Eat pray love movie with Julia Roberts regarding women's body..Men do hit the Jackpot when they're with a woman to have cake 🙂

  5. It's kind of funny how we usually think that cellulite comes with being overweight, because there is a type of cellulite that usually have skinny people and athletes haha

  6. Baam Baam Baam ! So true Aja, I'm comfortable in my own skin and I try to peptalk my girlfriends of how beautiful they are, no matter size or skin. You're amazing!

  7. I just discovered your channel through your budgeting videos and I really love your videos and the personality that comes though them! So keep on doing you, I'm really enjoying it!!

  8. I have to admit, I actually don't have cellulite. The reason why is because I don't drink alcohol, and you have to work out really heavy when you do legs. It smooths out the cellulite. I am 34 years old and weigh 125 lbs. I am now going through chemo and I am continuing to work out. My body has changed with chemo, skinnier,but still no cellulite.

  9. Love love that you did this video and the way that you did it in. Love that you are a Youtuber with depth who cares about issues in society.

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