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Liposuction Benefits for Women

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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that targets specific areas of the body that have excessive amounts of fat. The procedure basically uses a rod-like instrument called a cannula, which is inserted into the woman’s body to suck out the liquefied fat. Initially, the surgeon assesses the patient before making any plans or schedule for the operation. It is important that the doctor can properly assess the medial condition of the patient so that any underlying condition can be addressed. Tests and screenings for any conditions that have an effect on the operation will be done. When the surgeon is satisfied with the results of the tests and assessment, the procedure may be scheduled. The affected areas will be identified and marked for the convenience of the doctor and other medical staff who will be assisting in the surgery.

Factors to Consider

There are factors to consider when it comes to being a good candidate for liposuction. Most, if not all doctors prefer that their patients be above the age of eighteen. There are cases where they are younger but these exceptions are rare and parental consent is always necessary for minors. The overall general health of the prospective patient should be good and she should have an ongoing fitness activity or program as well as be on the right diet that will complement the operation results. Current diseases present in the woman may have a limiting effect on the procedure, either cancelling it or postponing it until better conditions. The state of the woman’s skin is also another thing to consider for this operation. Ideally, it should be supple and elastic enough that it should readily tighten in the area where the surgery was performed. Surgeons do not usually recommend this surgery if the conditions are not met by the patient.


The benefits that come with the liposuction procedure are varied and many. One primary benefit is that the fat is immediately removed from the patient’s body and the results are almost immediately seen after the recovery period. This kind of immediately visible result is one of the best things that come with the procedure. Another thing that one can get from it is the motivation to continue the proper fitness program and diet, which will help to maintain the results of the surgery and keep the patient in good shape. The satisfaction and confidence that usually comes with knowing that one looks good is yet another thing that makes the liposuction procedure a big hit with almost everybody. One of the reasons why many women go for it is to look good and feel good in just a short time compared to the painstaking process of losing weight and tightening one’s body through the use of exercise and diet only. Combining the procedure with exercise and diet usually results in a trimmer and leaner appearance. For many of the women who have undergone the procedure, triglycerides in the blood have also lowered favorably. This is something that they are happy to know regarding liposuction.

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