October 3, 2023


Get Rid Cellulite


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Hey guys !

Before you watch this video please be aware that surgery is a personal choice and my own decision to do so. If you don’t support surgery it’s totally fine, but don’t spread negativity under a video like this. This video is to show you guys my experience and possible before and after results. There are a lot of people with insecurities and people who wish to do surgery and those kind of videos help a lot of people to decide if they really want to do it or not. So please just love 🙂

▶ N A N A H O S P I T A L ◀


165-8 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul HM Building 3rd~6th Floor

you can contact them through email, kakaotalk or phone.

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❥Instagram: https://instagram.com/lalisalein
❥Design Instagram https://instagram.com/lisaringdesign

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Joakim Karud

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Camera: Canon G7X – https://amzn.to/2pKR4k3
Laptop: Macbook –
Editprogramm: Final cut pro / imovie

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  1. Ich finde es nicht gut in deinem Alter schon so viel gemacht zu haben :/
    Hab das Gefühl alle die viel mit Korea zu tun haben bzw "Korea- Fans" sind verfallen dem Beauty-Wahn und sehen plastische Chirurgie als normal an. :/

  2. "Doesn't matter how much exercise I make I can't get rid of leg fat"
    I know it soooo well, I'm planning to get liposuction at this exact same area and the inner part of my knees. Your legs are kinda similar as mine.

  3. May I ask at which point did they insert the tube? Does it leave a permanent scar? May I also ask the regular price of this surgery? Thanks

  4. For anyone commenting why she didn't just exercise… I am 94lbs and i still do not have a super flat stomach and I never have. I have always been petite and even when I was a super scrawny kid, I STILL had a little fat there. Sometimes such procedures are what you need if you have persistent fat in an area and even if you work out, you still will not get results you want.

  5. Excuse me what the fuck. I hope you grow some confidence because damn this is hard to watch. You can just exercise and eliminate whatever you're trying to get rid of by building MUSCLE to support the natural fat layer. You know almost everyone has cellulite right? Stop comparing yourself to others. People already think you're beautiful, and who cares if someone doesn't.

  6. Omg Same, Ich bin obendrum sooo dünn aber meine beine sind thick af. Ich hab so oft versucht da abzunehmen aber es geht einfach nicht

  7. Kann das Video nicht ganz gucken gerade, aber scheint als hättest du oder hattest Lipödem wenn du sagst, dass es einfach nicht weg ging. KHab des ebenfalls im Stadium 2 und muss bald eine OP machen. Nur sieht meins 5x schlimmer aus 😪 aber da du oben sehr duenn bist schaut mir das fast so aus. Da geht wirklich nichts außet Fettabsaugung, also wer judgen mag…

  8. all u guys up in here judging should just not watch dis kind of stuff coz no one forced u to……gurl do whatmakes u happy….no one has judgement over your body…luv u girl…kip doin wat u doin u got 100% support

  9. Hi Lisa, why don't you make a video about how do korean girls work out? Or if they go to the gymn or just like doing diets…those kind of things, because I have the impression that oriental girls do not like to do the "bodybuilding" thing, they prefer to do diets.

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