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Liposuction Procedure

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Liposuction is the only proven safe, effective method for the permanent removal of localized areas of fat. Part of what makes liposuction the most commonly requested procedure among both sexes is in its simplicity to achieve the refinement, with little downtime for areas of fat that do not respond to the traditional weight loss methods. The ideal candidate is one who has an interest in being fit, slim and within 15 pounds or so of goal weight. Liposuction may be performed on most any area of the body, including: the face area, the neck area, the abdomen area, the waist area, the back area and the arms and legs.

Tumescent liposculpture is probably the most preferred and safest technique of liposuction. The advantages to the tumescent liposculpture approach when compared to the traditional approach are: 1) diminished post op pain 2) less blood loss, 3) swelling and 4) ecchimosis (black and blue marks).

The power assisted liposuction (which is also known as pal) is the preferred instrumentation because it shortens the surgery duration and increases the volume that can be safely extracted in one session. For small amounts of fat, the syringe method is well suited and quite precise.

The decision for the proper approach to surgery involves an evaluation of the patient’s age and health. Patients with medical conditions such as anemia, diabetes, and hypertension require medical clearance before the procedure can be performed.

As with every Plastic surgery, the patient should be prepared and have enough information to make an informed decision. Realistic expectations are of essence because the results vary among patients. Pre and post surgery diet and exercise are crucial for superior results in the Liposuction procedure. Dr. Blau can review all considerations that go onto the liposuction procedure during consultations at his practice. You can have assurance that your interest will be fully examined to ensure you have the right information about liposuction to make an educated decision.

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