May 18, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

My Healthy Morning Routine | Tips on How I Reduced My Cellulite | Devon Windsor

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Good morning everyone! I am beyond excited to be sharing my first ever “Healthy Morning Routine”. This has been another one of my most requested vlogs, so I am happy to finally share it with you! My mornings where I am not on a photoshoot are fairly relaxed. If I have work, I usually won’t sleep in as much so I can make my juice etc! I think having a morning routine is very important to keeping a healthy, balanced lifestyle! Also, creating healthy habits is crucial for your body to feel its best! For me, I have noticed drinking LOTS of water, getting at least 8 hours of sleep and starting my metabolism right when I wake up, is crucial for weight loss and cellulite production! No- cellulite is not bad! So if you’re not looking to loose weight or reduce cellulite, this doesn’t mean that having a healthy morning routine is pointless. I think for the overall way you feel, mind clarity, energy and happiness, it is very important! I hope you guys enjoy, let me know if you have any questions !

To shop the products I used and what I wore-

• Arcona facial pads-
• Sonicare toothbrush-
• Caudalie grape water spray-
• Drunk Elephant Vitamin C serum-
• Caudalie Eye cream-
• Estée Lauder Lift cream-
• Chapstick-
• Face Sunscreen-
• Juicer-
• Clarisonic Spin Brush-
• Shiseido Face Wash-
• Laura Mercier Body Wash-
• Loofah-
• Byredo Body Lotion-
• Barbara Sturm Face cream-
• Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow-
• Chanel Concealer-
• Ilia Powder-
• Chanel Bronzer-
• Dior Blush-
• Benefit Brow-
• Benefit Mascara-
• Laura Mercier Lip Liner-
• Fresh Lipstick-
• Dry Shampoo-
• Leave in Conditioner-
• Mason Pearson Hair Brush-
• Bear Vitamins-
• Cellulite Blaster-
• Mother jeans-
• Crop top-

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27 thoughts on “My Healthy Morning Routine | Tips on How I Reduced My Cellulite | Devon Windsor

  1. Except those smoothies what was healthy in this video
    You woke up at 9 which is absolutely not a good habbit
    This is actually not healthy morning routine its just skin care

  2. Stupid videos.(look at me how I brush my teeth ,take a shower, myself🤔🤔 etc etc)All your life online .Cut it short with your videos, if you really want to tell people how to have a healthy life exercise etc.😡 Queen bee.

  3. One can't do this lifetime and depending on all these natural chemicals as you say, seems u can follow in your young age, once you become aging all these goes real nature exposure is better than any life in earth

  4. I love how real this vlog is. When I saw her on the VS show, I thought she was a typical “mean girl” , but now I have changed my mind! Love the realness and am now a new subscriber!

  5. quick tip for your skincare. when you are dealing with your eyes you NEVER want to rub it will help start new fine lines. you want to dab a small amount from your ring finger up to your temple. also when you are putting anything on your face or neck you NEVER want to pull towards your body always pull your face upwards so for your cheeks pull it up to your temples your forehead to your hairline and your neck to the top of your face pulling town will begin new fine lines and progress wrinkles

  6. What?U say washing hair dayly is unhealthy and then you spray all these chemicals into the environment breathe em in&have your hair,scalp,lungs absorb it??

  7. Enough energy??you just had 5 carrots 3 sticks of celery 1lemon unpeeled! exaggerated and-hello where are all the other nutrients you need for working out and sustaining your body??

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