May 20, 2022

Ibsen Martinez

Get Rid Cellulite

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New Liposuction – Non-Surgical Alternatives

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From Hollywood stars to housewives,and more increasingly men. Liposuction is becoming the most popular solution to the age-old problem of removing stubborn fat. Due to advancements in technologies, new liposuction procedures make it possible to get the effects of the older methods, sometimes without surgery. With all the advances made many procedures are now on an out patient basis, and the recovery time has been drastically reduced.

Here are a few of the new liposuction procedures that are now available.

VelaShape and VelaSmooth

You can now say goodbye to sharp scalpels because with VelaShape and VelaSmooth, you can get rid of stubborn fat with just radio frequency waves. These methods are great non-invasive liposuction alternatives that can reduce the appearance of cellulite, after a series of sessions. They work with the help of infrared light, and radio frequency waves that produce no harmful side effects to your body.


If you consult your doctor, the Thermage procedure is what he will most likely recommend to you. Considered as the most non-invasive alternative to liposuction, Thermage is the most recommended by cosmetic surgeons because it only uses a heated laser to melt down unwanted fat from the body. Generally no incisions are made, while fat is melted away,and the skin is also made firmer, thus avoiding unsightly loose-hanging skin.


If you don’t mind needles, Lipodissolve is another new liposuction alternative that you may want to investigate more. Using mild medications and enzymes that are injected to the areas that you want to get treated, this method can flush out fat from your system. Without the dreaded incisions, bruises, and swelling from the conventional liposuction technique, you can have your body contoured as you please with the shortest amount of recovery time.


Another popular non-invasive alternative to liposuction is called the mesotherapy technique. Just like lipodissolve, you should also be able to stand a syringe shot through which the powerful medications, amino acids, and other compounds will be injected to your problem areas to dissolve the unwanted fat. Thanks to new technology the needles used for mesotherapy are relatively smaller than they once were, and experts say they are “virtually painless”. What’s more amazing is that results can be seen after just one session.

These non-surgical and non-invasive new liposuction alternatives are a great way for you to lose weight Thanks to new technologies, you can finally achieve the body of your dreams without the risks, and side effects associated with conventional liposuction.

Source by Neil E Macdonald

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