June 17, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Pregnancy Tips – Cellulite, stretch marks, dimples & cravings…2nd Trimester VLOG!

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21 thoughts on “Pregnancy Tips – Cellulite, stretch marks, dimples & cravings…2nd Trimester VLOG!

  1. I'm 17 weeks today and I was diagnosed with pcos so I did have trouble getting pregnant and now that I'm finally pregnant , I still cant believe it…but lucky for me I haven't had any morning sickness or nausea so far..I do feel tired though. My main craving is icecream…
    One change I did notice is I have cellulite that I cant get rid of but I guess it's normal for my changing body but im super excited for what's to come..like u said I just have to embrace it!💓

  2. That part about it never being the right time is so real. I switched my career after 8 years and was about to quit my job to fulltime student teach. I had a million reasons why I couldn’t be pregnant while student teaching or while getting my first teaching job and low and behold, we are two month away from delivering our first baby boy. Had I waited for the “right time” it may have never happened. I’m 30 and my husband is 36, many of our friends have gone through infertility so this baby is a true blessing.

  3. Just so everyone knows…soft cheeses that are pasteurized are totally fine. I feel like this is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding food and pregnancy.

  4. This is great! I am 29 and pregnant with my 3rd!! They are amazing and I love being a mom so much!! Thanks for your workouts I sure appreciate them!

  5. Anyone know or remember what she said she used on her belly for stretch marks? 🙂 I believe she posted on insta sometime but I can’t find it!! What do you Tone it Up babes use?

  6. I'm not pregnant (nor am I planning to be for ages!) but this video was wonderful! Also, your dog is adorable 🙂 Sleeping little pup!

  7. Did you feel any different early in pregnancy? (Gassy, bloated, acne?)Like before you took a pregnancy test? You’re adorable pregnant and I’m so happy for you guys ❤️❤️

  8. Wer'e the same age! Your'e so lovely!
    For clothes, H&M came out with an off the shoulder dress in many colours so I have the same thing on every day.
    I also really craved fruit and smoothies in my second trimestre but got the dreaded Gestational Diabetes. I really hope your'e not unlucky like me and can continue to eat fruit guilt-free.
    Sending you and your baby lots of love!

  9. Love you Kat… you're such a beautiful role model for all women (pregnant or not). You are inspiring so many!! Xx

  10. I don't see the pregnancy section under on demand. I've been thinking of buying the year sibscription, but i dont see that section. Thanks!

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