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This world can sometimes become an extremely harsh place to live in. With all the noises outside and inside our head, it can get quite difficult to live peacefully. I have seen people try various techniques to keep their mind and lives at calm like meditation, yoga, solo-tripping, etc. All these things might help others, however, it did not turn out fruitful for me. You will try everything in your power, when your life is a mess. There are times when you have a million questions in your mind and every single one is left unanswered. To find these answers, it is a strenuous process. Also, sometimes we feel lost in a relationship or we do not know what step to take ahead in our relationship. Then there are monsters of family problems and career havocs. One thing that helped me was psychic reading. Though it may sound false, it does help a great deal.

Firstly, it is important to comprehend what psychic reading exactly means. It is not some kind of magic or miracle. It is a skill. A psychic reading is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct. These natural extensions are claimed to be clairvoyance (vision), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (factual knowing) and clairaudience (hearing) and the resulting statements made during such an attempt. I searched for quite a few psychics near me, however, it was a task to take out time from my schedule and visit the clinic physically. This being the reason, I then explored online psychic reading.

3 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

I have tried several kinds of psychic readings online. It is a phenomenal way to get the answers to your dilemmas and have a peaceful mind. I have also tried astrology, dream interpretation, and tarot reading. Though few people would find online psychics deceiving, they work wonders. The psychic reading websites that I have tried out have many maestro psychic readers and are specialized in the field. On these websites, you can acquire free psychic readings online. It is a great value for money. You can converse with the psychic reader online and share all your concerns and turmoil’s. The psychic reader will evaluate your statements and life occurrences and advise you accordingly.

It is often seen that people do not prefer psychic reading because of a few failed cases. The advice of the psychic reader sometimes does not work because the person seeking help has not shared information about themselves correctly. This leads to faulty advice and results. This is the reason it is advised to share the smallest detail with your psychic reader. Even I read quite a few reviews before opting for psychic reading, and there were many positive reviews by people who have been attending psychic reading sessions for quite a long time.

Out of all the psychic reading websites i have tried, some were a hit and some were flop. Some offered exceptional services and some did not function according to my expectations. The top three best psychic readings online according to my experience are the following:

Keen Psychic – Best Accurate Psychic Readings for Guidance and Big life decisions (10 Minutes For Just $1.99!)

kasamba – Best for Love Psychics Reading by Phone, Chat or Video (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off for the first session)

Psychic Source – Excellent Reading for Career and Money questions (3 first minutes free + rates as low as $1.)

Keen Psychic Best Psychics Reading Network at Low rates

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Keen Psychic is an exceptional psychic reading online. They proffer call psychics, chat psychics, video readings, and psychic phone readings. They also have a wide range of services like tarot reading, psychic medium, astrology advice, financial outlook, love and relationships, and so much more. Even they have an offer of absolutely free psychic reading for 3 minutes, for all the new members. You can get 10 minutes of psychic reading only for $1.99. Just like their name, they are extremely keen in knowing what you have been up to and giving advice for your never ending problems. They have gathered a lot of satisfied customers over the years and received positive evaluations for their services.

Key Features:

Some of the key features of Keen Psychics are:

  • There is an option of finding a psychic advisor as per the category of your concern.
  • The ratings and rate per minute is mentioned with the bio of the psychic reader.
  • You can attain these live psychics through chat, phone, or video.
  • Ample of options like spiritual reading, life questions, online tarot cards reading, career, family, etc.

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Kasamba – Best for Love Readings, with free first 3 minutes.

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Kasamba is one of the most remarkable online psychic reading websites, which proffers phone psychics, psychic reading through chat, and also through email. They have an offer for new members, in which you can have a free psychic chat online for 3 minutes and choose whether you want to continue with that particular psychic reader or not. Plus, you get 70% off on your first psychic reading. They proffer a range of psychic reading services like love psychics, love tarot reading, astrology, dream interpretation, and much more. They have been in the business since 1999 and gained a lot of satisfied customers, who gave extremely optimistic reviews.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Kasamba are:

  • They proffer psychic reading services through chat, phone call, video and email. This subsists people who are shy and want to protect their anonymity.
  • The rate per minute and the specialization of the psychic is mentioned with the name of the psychic reader on the website.
  • There are abundant services to choose from.

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Psychic Source Best for Career and Money Questions, first 3 minutes free

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Psychic Source
is the literal source of happiness for distressed people. It is again an online psychic reading website, with psychic readings for as low as $1. They proffer free psychics for the first 3 minutes of a new member. This is one of the best websites for career and money related questions or dilemmas. They even proffer horoscope readings and astrology advice. They provide the money-back guarantee, if you do not find the psychic readings helpful. On their website, they even have a section of top psychic reading stories to entertain you while you wait for your psychic reader. A lot of people have taken aid of Psychic Source and acquired lucrative results. You will find abundant positive reviews and evaluations for Psychic Source online.

Key features:

Some of the amazing key features of Psychic Source are:

  • They have a “Find a Psychic” tool, with the help of which you can find a proficient psychic reader for yourself. In this tool, you are asked various questions, on the basis of which you are given a psychic reader.
  • They have a kindness initiative, in which the money from the psychic readings are donated to charities.
  • The ratings and evaluations are written with the information about the psychic reader.
  • You can indulge in psychic readings through live chat, call, and video readings.
  • The psychic readers are available 24/7. You can contact them whenever you want.

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There are tons of other websites who offer psychic readings online. Some even offer free psychic readings by phone and if you want a reading related to love & relationship problems, they offer free psychic love reading. However, these same websites do not provide the authentic and surreal results that we expect. Paying for these psychic readings subsists you a long way. You get answers which will support you your entire life. For psychic readings, belief also plays a gigantic role. If you lack faith in the psychic reader or in the power of psychic reading, you won’t get the results you are looking for. Though with the expertise of the reader you will find some clarity, for complete peace you will require trust and faith.

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Types of psychic Reading

The field of psychic reading is profound and vast. No matter what your dilemma is you can find an answer to it with the aid of psychic reading. You can first point out the problem you are facing and then choose the type of psychic reading you require. There are abundant variants of psychic reading, some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Tarot Reading: This is quite a customary type of psychic reading. In this a deck of tarot cards is used to interpret or depict the future. You can find tarot readers in fairs.
  • Astrology: Astrologists foresee the future with the aid of your date of birth, time, and place of birth. They rely on the alignment of the planets to depict the future.
  • Love and Relationship: This kind of psychic reading is quite effortlessly available on various online psychic readings. Most people opt for this or family related psychic readings.
  • Dream Interpretation: This is quite an interesting type of psychic reading. We often experience dreams which make no sense. With the help of dream interpretation, you can make sense out of those dreams.
  • Numerology: It is basically the utilisation of numbers to reveal information about an individual. A person’s life path number can be revealed with the aid of numerology.
  • Palm Reading: Palmistry is quite a customary type of psychic reading. A lot of people believe in palmistry and the study of lines on your palm. Palmistry does not require psychic ability, as it generally uses cold reading abilities and previous knowledge of the subject.

All the psychic reading online websites that are recommended above, provides the above mentioned psychic readings and a lot more. Some websites even offer free psychic questions, in which you can post your queries on the website and you would get an answer to your problem. Even the slightest of discomfort in life can get a meaning with psychic reading. It certainly sounds unbelievable at times, however, it does work.

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What to expect from Psychic Readings?

It is apparent that if you are getting a psychic reading, you will have certain expectations from the psychic reading and it is essential that you have one. The most basic thing that you will expect is the authenticity and credibility of the advice or solution you received.

In your first psychic reading, the psychic reader should first make you comfortable and bring you to ease. They will try to build a rapport so that you do not hesitate in sharing with them personal details. You may feel tense, nervous, and dubious in the beginning, but then you will gradually get accustomed to the environment. You can expect a friendly environment when you would attend a reading online or offline.

One should make sure to note down whatever the psychic reader talks to you about or the solutions they give. Keep in mind to ask the right questions in order to receive the perfect answers. The information that you will receive will not always be positive or happy. Sometimes you may hear some heartbreaking truths or reality. In this case, you need to be prepared to listen. Do not formulate expectation beforehand and then when the answer is not in your favour, you will blame the whole process. This will not fulfill your purpose nor give you any kind of satisfaction. Psychic readings can sometimes be harsh, but isn’t reality harsh?

Questions You Can Ask in a Psychic Reading

A lot of people struggle with the part of asking questions. Some do not know how to put forward their problem and some feel awkward in asking any questions. Psychic reading is all about the asking of questions and the psychic reader answering them, making your life easier. Yet, we are humans and we can go through issues of not being able to share. Your questions also depend on the category of your dilemma.

The most common questions that are asked and you can ask too are:

  • What will my finances look like in the future?
  • Will I get the promotion at work?
  • What are some things you can tell me about my partner?
  • What does my circle of friends look like?
  • When will I have a child?
  • When will I get married?
  • When will I find a lover?
  • When will I find a job?

If you have problems related to your health, you can ask the following:

  • What can I do to have a healthy life?
  • How should I change my lifestyle?
  • What are the blocks that need to be removed from my diet?
  • Do I need to change my diet?

You can ask different questions about your job, family, and future. If you are still not sure what to ask your psychic reader, you can make a list of all the things which you worry about. You can add things which you wonder about and it bothers you. Contemplate about the people in your life and the concerns you have regarding them. This kind of listing helps you in having a clear idea about what your issues are and what all do you want to talk about.

You need to know that psychics do not have control over the things they say. They are simply vessels that connect you with the spiritual realm, so do not expect them to be able to tell you your whole family history. You could, however, ask constructive questions such as “what am I doing wrong right now”?

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What Should You Know Before Getting a Psychic Reading?

1. There are several things which you should know before consulting a psychic. Keeping in mind all these things will help you in being prepared for everything related to a psychic reading.

2. Do not have a specific agenda. It is alright to have a few expectations regarding the questions you have and the answers you want. However, if your intention of booking a psychic reading is to get the perfect defining answer, you will be disappointed. Psychic readers will surely guide you but they cannot give you an exact answer. The reason being is that if the psychic is authentic, the information they communicate doesn’t come from them, it comes through them.

3. Allow your psychic to guide the whole session. Let them do all the talking and formulating impressions about you. If you will get frantic and overload the psychic with too much information or emotions, they will not be able to give a proper interpretation.

4. Listen carefully for credible details. In the beginning of the session, the psychic reader will give a few unusual or minute details of your life which will prove whether the psychic reader is authentic and right. Also, be open to what is being communicated.

5. You should know the difference between a psychic and a medium. All mediums are psychic but not every psychic is a medium. A medium is someone who can willfully connect with one or more of your loved ones who have passed on; a psychic is someone who specializes in communicating intuitive information about your life, relationships and your future. You should be aware whether you have booked a medium or a psychic. This will help you in tempering your expectations.

6. If a session does not feel right, terminate it immediately. No psychic can foretell your death, or a tragedy. If they do so, you should return immediately. There are a lot of fake psychics too who could give you such false information. It is smart to be vigilant.

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How to Choose the Perfect Psychic Reader?

It is extremely salient to find the perfect psychic reader online. The results and the whole purpose of psychic reading depends on the credibility and excellence of the psychic reader. To find the perfect psychic reader, you will have to first think thoroughly about the type of psychic reading you require. If you want readings related to love & relationships, you can opt for psychic readers on Kasamba. If you want readings related to life & guidance, you can go for Keen Psychics and if you have dilemmas related to career and money, Psychic Source is the place to go. Secondly, you can also read the reviews given with the name of the psychic reader on these websites and choose the one that suits you the best.

Tricks Psychic Readers Undertake to Deceive People

There are many psychic readers in the world who are fake and perform certain activities to deceive people and misuse their information and money. Therefore, when you attend a psychic reading you should keep in mind the following practices, which if you encounter, you should terminate the session immediately.

  • Making claims that are applicable to anyone: Fake psychic readers give statements and interpretations which are generic but you feel that they have incredible insights to your life. You should pay proper attention to what the psychic reader is saying.
  • Getting you to tell your important information: Real psychic readers will not force you to share important details like your bank account number, identity, etc. You should beware of any such questions and refrain from answering.
  • Keeping it Vague lets you Backtrack when you miss: Sometimes, a statement a psychic makes, no matter how vague, will miss the mark. When that happens, they’ve got ways of backtracking to cover up their error.
  • Watching subtle reactions that reveal major details: The psychic reader constantly watches your reactions and can use those reactions to reveal major details of your life. You are safe from this if you choose online psychic reading.
  • Learning everything they need to know ahead of time: Fake psychic readers will do their research on the client beforehand and then manipulate them into sharing important details.

Luckily, we now have the option of psychic reading online, so we can first see the reviews of the psychic reader and if we find any discrepancies we can choose someone else. Also, our anonymity is secured on the online platforms like Kasamba, Keen Psychics, and Psychic Source.

Advantages of Online Psychic Reading

Psychic reading online is quite beneficial for several reasons. It is preferred by a lot of people over the traditional physical psychic reading.

  • Convenience: One of the most evident advantages of online psychic reading is the convenience factor. You can acquire a psychic reading anywhere and anytime you want. You save a lot of time and effort which you would have to spend in visiting a psychic reader. You can get a psychic reading at the comfort of your home. Also, the psychic readers are available 24/7, so you can contact them anytime you want to.
  • Options of call, chat, and video readings: There are a lot of people who want to preserve their anonymity and attend a psychic reading. With online, you can maintain that anonymity via chat and phone call sessions. Also, a lot of us feel shy in showing our face to the psychic reader. They can also utilize the facility of phone call and chat.
  • Abundant Options: On online platforms, you can choose from a wide range of options of psychic readings according to your dilemma. If you have any problems related to love & relationship, you can opt for love psychics. Additionally, you can choose between different types of psychic readings like tarot cards reading online, dream interpretation, numerology, astrology, etc. All of this is available on a single platform. Also, there are millions of online psychics that you can choose from according to their specialization and experience. You are spoilt for choices when you indulge in online psychic reading.
  • Low Chances of Deception: Most psychics dress down their place with a lot of decorations including candles, incense and other displays. Some experienced frauds also tend to make deduce accurate details about a person by looking at the physical appearance, what they are wearing, and body language. They could give true details about you based on these which can be their way of proving their authenticity. Real psychics only really on psychic connections without having to see you physically or hearing your voice.

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Disadvantages of Online Psychic Reading

As everything in the world has two aspects, pros and cons, so does psychic reading online. As far as the disadvantages of online psychic reading is concerned, one of the major issues people face is the inaccuracy in readings. People feel that in traditional psychic reading, the psychic reader can give much accurate results as he can judge the body language as well as other physical aspects of the client. However, you will get exceptional results if you share every detail meticulously. Some people do not share properly and therefore they do not get the correct interpretations and results. Other than this, online psychic reading has been quite fruitful, especially on the best psychic reading websites mentioned above that are Kasamba, Keen, and Psychic Source.


Psychic reading has surely changed my life and therefore, I am keen on recommending it to a lot of troubled people. Psychic reading will certainly help you gain a new perspective in life and make your life much peaceful. The top 3 websites that I mentioned are extremely subsisting and you should definitely try them. With online psychic reading, you will find a new meaning to life and you will start seeing changes in your lifestyle. We start living a much happier and satisfied life, with peace and prosperity. All dilemmas are diluted and all there is left is delight.

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