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Side effects of testosterone shots

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Men who are facing sexual disorders as a result of reduced testosterone production levels are often on the lookout for different ways to combat this situation. They have plenty of options like using ED devices, medication and lifestyle changes. 

Some men even opt for hormonal replacement therapy of testosterone. However, before making any decision you must first know about the possible side effects of undergoing testosterone therapy. Knowing the pros and cons will help you in making a better and informed decision. There can be a range of side effects of taking a testosterone shot, some of them are listed below. 

  1. Worsening sleep apnea. 

It is one of the major side effects of taking a testosterone shot. In sleep apnea, you can face periodic shortening of breath during night-time. It may lead to disturbed sleep, daytime fatigue and snorting. You took the shot to treat ED but this side effect can make the condition even worse by decreasing your desire to have sex.  Studies even suggest that there is a very strong relationship between testosterone deficiency and sleep apnea. 

Testosterone shot can cause changes in the metabolic requirement, physiological response and airways. This level of disturbance in the body functioning can further decrease the production of testosterone. 

  1. Skin conditions. 

Sebum production in our body is regulated by testosterone. Thus, injecting testosterone shot may lead to skin related problems like acne and skin cysts. This phenomenon can be observed in males going through puberty. High production levels of testosterone lead to pimples, whiteheads and blackheads on the face. 

  1. Breast swelling and tenderness. 

Breast tenderness or gynecomastia is a problem that is frequently reported in teenagers. However, taking testosterone shots to increase its levels in the body can cause hormonal imbalance which will then translate into side effects like swollen breasts. This condition becomes more prevalent among older men as the levels of sex hormone-binding globulins increase. This SHBG is produced in the liver after which they get attached to sex hormones (both testosterone and oestrogen) causing severe hormonal fluctuation and related side effects like breast enlargement. 

  1. High RBC count. 

Erythrocytosis or high red blood cell count is another side effect of testosterone shot. This can be a very problematic condition as it can increase the risk of blood clot formation. You will face symptoms like fatigue, headache and blurred vision. 

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinological & Metabolism compared the change in haemoglobin levels in young males of the 19 to 35 age group with 60 to 75 age group. The study concluded that the rise in RBC levels is particularly higher in older men. This phenomenon is called erythrocytosis and can have some major side effects on the cardiovascular system of the body. 

  1. Growth of prostate cancer cell.

Studies show that the growth of prostate cancer cells is among the most prominent side effects of using testosterone shots. This is because of the sudden rise in the levels of androgenic activities in the male body. it is a proven fact that testosterone replacement therapy can improve the sexual functions in the male body but it comes with the potential risk of developing cancerous cells in the prostate. 

  1. Cardiovascular issues. 

Long term dependence on testosterone replacement therapy can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disorder like stroke and heart attacks. If the person is already facing some minor health issues like diabetes and hypertension, the risk of getting heart problems amplifies. 

  1. Dependency. 

Relying on testosterone shots for a long time can cause dependency. Your body stops the production of natural testosterone which means now you will have to take these shots more often. A higher dose of testosterone is needed to achieve the same effect.  

After reading the above-mentioned side effects, one thing is clear that testosterone replacement therapy has more cons than pros. While taking the shot, you are putting a lot at stake. There are side effects that oppose the goal of using the therapy. 

Is there any better way?

Yes, there are many ways to improving sexual performance that have very few and non-serious side effects when compared to hormonal therapy. You can take the help of ED medicines like Cenforce 150, Cenforce 200 & Vidalista 20. They are convenient to use and show their effect quickly. More importantly, they do not show any major side effects when used in therapeutic doses. Only some minor side effects like headache and nausea are seen in some cases. ED medicines are the best way to perform better in bed and fulfil your and your partner’s sexual desires. 

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