May 18, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

Silk'n Silhouette Cellulite Removal RESULTS | Regina Ramos

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THAT WAS THE ACTUAL SOUND OF MY ANKLE!!! 🙁 Sadly no sound effects were added….

I was finally able to post an update on my cellulite removal journey with the Silhouette. Comment if you have any questions or tips XOXO

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THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO, Silk’n did send me this product though!

Where to buy this product:
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Silk’n Silhouette Cellulite Removal Body Contouring Fat Reduction Weight Loss Regina Ramos


31 thoughts on “Silk'n Silhouette Cellulite Removal RESULTS | Regina Ramos

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  19. Thanks Regina, I appreciate your video + pics. There's definitely a noticeable difference in your before and after photos.

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