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Get Rid Cellulite

St Ives Cellulite Shield, Worth It? Learn The Proven Technique That Will Give You Smooth Legs

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St Ives Cellulite Shield Gel Creme and Body Moisturizer both claim to reduce cellulite in just 2 weeks. This sounds too good to be true so I’ve searched around and found several customer reviews from different websites. Below I will sum up what other women have said about the St Ives Cellulite Shield products.

St Ives Cellulite Shield Gel Creme $6 – $8. for a 6.7oz bottle

  • Goes On Smoothly
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Smells Great

Several women noticed results in 2 or 3 weeks. One woman even said she noticed a difference on the first day! There were a few complains about skin irritation, so you may want to stay away if you have sensitive skin.

St Ives Cellulite Shield Advanced Body Moisturizer $4. – $6. for a 18 oz. bottle

  • Improves Skin Texture
  • Noticeable Results
  • Easy To Use

Just like the gel, women had good things to say about this product, the most important one being that they noticed results in a short amount of time. And again just like the gel, women with sensitive skin were complaining.


Both of these products work pretty well, you won’t experience a miracle but you will see noticeable results. They are also pretty cheap compared to other cellulite gels and lotions. St Ives recommends that you use both of these products and also that you eat healthy and exercise for better and faster results.

I am only telling you what plenty of other women have experienced with these products, I can’t guarantee you will have the same results as we are all different. If St Ives does not work for you, what will you do? Move on to the next cellulite cream? That is what most women do.

Your Best Weapon Against Cellulite

Exercising is considered one of the best ways to lose cellulite, it rebuilds your cellulite into lean and firm muscle that will smooth out your skin. Instead of trying cream after cream, give cellulite exercises a try.

Source by Sarah Compton