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The Advantages of Tumescent Liposuction

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Tumescent liposuction is considered to be the safest type of liposuction. It was first used by the dermatologist Dr. Jeffry Klein several years ago. The tumescent technique reduces to a large extent most drawbacks of other liposuction procedures. It is performed by injecting large quantities of dilute solution into the fattened areas. This solution consists of lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, combined with epinephrine, a drug that shrinks the capillaries. This injection of tumescent anesthesia makes for several benefits: first, it minimises post-operative discomfort, and second, it reduces the bleeding during the operation.

Ordinary liposuction techniques were performed on many patients and they were all complaining about the post-operative disorders like easy bruising and swelling after the operation. The tumescent liposuction significantly reduces the risk of bruises and swollen areas on the body to occur, because it does not use general anesthesia. Due to the local anesthesia, which takes 12 to 18 hours to subside, a post-operative discomfort is treated using only the slight Tylenol as medication. With tumescent technique you will feel no post-operative nausea, as with other types of liposuction using general anesthesia. Tumescent liposuction also reduces the bleeding during the operation. Many patients are healthy enough to return to work and manage with their daily activities only several days after the operation.

Apart from the avoided discomfort, tumescent liposuction is also the fastest technique when it comes to the results to show. Almost 90 % of the patients notice changes in their silhouette several weeks after the operation itself. But the natural post-operative swelling takes some months to subside before the final results are appreciated by everyone. Let’s put a few words about the technique itself. Tumescent liposuction removes the fat by suctioning small “tunnels” through the fat. Tumescent technique does not use a big cannula, because it is clumsier, it leaves scars and many skin cells can be defected. Tunneling provides insignificant infliction over the skin cells and protects their fibrous attachment to the deeper layers of muscle cells. By fibres that connect skin cells with muscles, the skin retains its elasticity and can easily recover after the operation. Thus the tumescent liposuction helps to minimise the risks of post-operative irregularities or rippling of the skin. Another thing to have in mind when using liposuction, is that the technique itself does not reduce “cellulite”.

Cellulite results from the pull of fibrous tissue that attaches the skin to the underlying muscles. Tumescent liposuction can do some improvement on the cellulite, but it may as well fail, because the aim of the liposuction is different. The side effects that a liposuction operation can cause vary from bruising to temporary numbness. Of course, in every technique small irregularities of the skin are possible to occur. This can easily be improved by several touch-up procedures. They will enhance to the maximum the patient’s good looks after the operation. But viewed in overall, tumescent liposuction is very safe for the patient. It eliminates the risk of blood clots, infections and allergic reactions as well.

The fat cells removed from your body DO NOT grow back. Your body silhouette looks slimmer and that is permanent. If you gain or lose weight afterwards, that will be naturally incorporated in your body. Tumescent liposuction is the perfect option for anyone who wants to look elegant and it does not harm the organism.

Source by Robbie Darmona

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