April 14, 2024


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The Diet of the Future – EAT-Lancet UN Launch

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11 thoughts on “The Diet of the Future – EAT-Lancet UN Launch

  1. It is now being reported that the Lancet is saying "salt" is the problem for the #1 preventable killer of people through heart disease. While heart disease is the #1 preventable killer, SALT DOES NOT CREATE THE CHOLESTEROL that is what most heart disease is. Apparently, the needles slaughter industry had a hissy fit and is pressing the media to lie. Life is Most Important in Life is The Most Important Truth in Life, is always true, and is the truth all truths depend on to be true themselves.

  2. “Last year, violence killed 700,000 people. Obesity killed 3 million. McDonalds, I guess, is then a greater danger than Islamic state” – Yuval Noah Harari

  3. Food is the key 🔑 to your health. Food is a clue to the survival of our planet 🌍. Food is in our history and genes 🧬. We need to learn how to chose what is fact , fiction , Corporate use of our planet, The survival of our species and our planet depends on our choices Today.

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