April 23, 2024


Get Rid Cellulite

The Invention Of Cellulite; How Self Hatred Is Big Business | Russell Brand & Megan Jayne Crabbe

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Today’s video is from Under The Skin #065 Beauty, Fat & Capitalist Pigs with Megan Jayne Crabbe. Check out the podcast here:

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38 thoughts on “The Invention Of Cellulite; How Self Hatred Is Big Business | Russell Brand & Megan Jayne Crabbe

  1. As I found out about this cellulite treatment called “Tοmkαnα Weebly” (Google it), I felt reluctant regarding it. Considering that I am driven to find a remedy to my own issue, I applied it. Now, “Tοmkαnα Weebly” has drastically smoothed away all the noticeable appearance of that terrible cellulite from my completely new, soft skin. My own skin is considerably far more flexible and more gentle also. I like just how it changes the look of my skin. Simply Google it right now.. .

  2. This is SO on the money! I’m outside of the norm in relation to childbirth in that I haven’t come from a place of controlled birth (and women’s bodies) and transitioned into regaining power, I never gave my power away and had both my babies at home with midwives and this was something I planned well before I was pregnant. I’ve always known my power. Yet I STILL fell victim to this damaging and dangerous narrative women are fed about our bodies not being good/beautiful enough. I struggle with it even now at age 40. It’s powerful stuff. Love your work Megan and Russell!!

  3. The bit about not wanting women to have too much free time or whatever is paranoid nonsense. Marketing is about one thing. They want to control your mind and emotions long enough for you to transfer some of your money into their bank account. That's how all advertising, marketing and selling works. It's nothing to do with taking away women's freedom etc. There are plenty of businesses just as interested in getting men's money too. Otherwise, everything else is correct and accurate.

  4. everything is super interesting in this conversation but hard-core cellulite can be painful and that's why it's a good idea to treat it. it is still a skin inflammation and a symptom of lack of hydration. it's not about aesthetics. obviously, the rest of cellulite treatments are just about unrealistic perfection and female body control but I think it is important to remember cellulite was not an 'invention', it does exist.

  5. The problem is that except the INTJ or ENTJ types, women are mostly illogical. They get swayed away so easily. Now I understand why they're biologically built this way, it's to be able to empathize with their children better. Now, more and more women are choosing to be child-free as well, women who don't have kids turn out to be very pathological. All this being said, I'm a w a m a n too.

  6. why does she say men invented these problems but then her example is of a woman saying cellulite is a flaw. society could have rejected her opinion on cellulite but we didn't. we accepted it. there isn't any big conspiracy. both men and women have their own opinions of what beauty is. the people who have expressed their ideas of beauty are the opinions that have been widely accepted. which is why today movements like body positivity are becoming widely accepted because different people are expressing their opinions on what beauty is. We are becoming more diverse in whats accepted because we are hearing from more people.

  7. This is how the rich get rich and the poor get poorer.
    Brainwash mentally your not good enough both genders so people spend money to fit in to society.
    They had the women now they've gotten the men.

  8. I really hate wrinkle shaming. Like women are never suppose to have any wrinkles and need to invest 1000's of dollars in skin care and microneedling to they never have a wrinkle. Why can't we find women attractive with wrinkles? Why is it loke "oh this woman has lived some life and haa some wrinkles from it but that doesn't diminish her or make her less beautiful at all. " idk the ageism we have im general but especially towards women gives us so many complexes. Im 28 and I'm struggling with them

  9. THEY (the hierarchy enslaving you) manufacture events to purposefully create fear within us, so not only do we end up hating others, more detrimental is that we hate ourselves. If we hate ourselves, we move away from relying on our divine nature to heal and find other ways to navigate this life on our own, so we end up cheerleading for dictators to save us from the very shit THEY created to make us vibrate fear. It’s all SCRIPTED. Keeping us ill, fearful, and full of hate Is PROFITABLE. Profiting from the expense of human suffering/self hatred is very very real.

  10. Actually Russel, i quite like self hatred. Aslong as you hate everyone else equally, it even feels good. And gives ones self a sense of monstrosity that empowers your hate towards others in a powerfull manner so as to use your self hate as a motor to overcome your unwanted social enemies or disliked ones. Self hatred is great for the intelectual mind who hasn't time to be living in a world of happiness butterflies bubbles and fantasy unicorns that could never exist no way. It can be a nice fuel sorce for a mind who knows how to create unicorns instead of only imagining them.

  11. My anonymous nsfw self-love-fueled blog on which I post nude artsy photos of myself is my big fuck you to the patriarchy and everyone else who thinks I should hate myself. Because I actually don't, and I want to share my self-love to set an example for others. It has taken a lot to get to where I am, and I am not going back. Love and light. Now… get naked and love every inch of yourself.

  12. I agree with what she is saying for the most part but, there is more to it than, businesses creating things wrong and then shoving it down our throats. A smart Woman will pay attention to what their sexual partner likes and then try to emulate that, and that plays a big role in the way things are. In fact I wouldn't be surprised to find out that perhaps this Nicole Ronsard was responding to requests from her clients.

  13. Russell, lol your message in this video is essentially like saying "Dr want you to be healthy so they can make money" and not because they want to heal humans.

  14. She ain't wrong. It's one of those strange things where we can all agree and see on some level that this is happening everywhere, and then just go "but hey ho, what are you gonna do about it " and carry on with our lives.

  15. Cellulite indicates lack of muscle and too much fat. It’s not horrible. It is not attractive. A woman with cellulite should be aware of what it is not treated like a girl who can’t handle truth. This is from the perspective of a man looking for a woman that is not going to be knocked over by a gust of wind. Because if she is to be guarding my future child when I am not present then she needs to be able to handle more than the baby.

  16. Check out Century of the Self by Adam Curtis, tells the story of the birth of marketing. It was Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, who got the ball rolling, realizing that if you pitch products as solutions to existential, psychological and emotional unease, you've got a goldmine.

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