April 15, 2024


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The Truth Behind Anti-Cellulite Shorts – Do They Really Work and Why

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There are various different ways to tackle your cellulite, each of them offering a different approach to the problem. One that you might not have considered, or that could seem a little strange at first, is the use of anti cellulite shorts. But these specially designed shorts could be the easy and effective way to reduce the cellulite on your thighs and buttocks that you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve never seen a pair of anti cellulite shorts, they look very similar to cycling or bike shorts. They are designed to be comfortable, but quite tight fitting, so that all you have to do to get them to work on your cellulite, is wear them. They can be worn on their own, or even underneath your normal clothes. As you go about your normal daily activities, the movement of your body, combined with the snug-fitting shorts, creates a kind of massage effect on your upper thighs and buttocks. This helps to stimulate the flow of oxygenated blood to the areas with cellulite, which helps to nourish your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The improved circulation from the “micro-massaging” also helps to get rid of excess fluids and toxins from beneath the skin layer, which are also responsible for your unsightly dimples.

There are even varieties of anti cellulite shorts that claim to have additional benefits. Using various materials to make the shorts, including one called bio-ceramic, manufacturers claim that they can also focus some of the body’s heat back onto the area underneath the shorts, which has even greater benefits if you use them with an effective anti cellulite cream. Applying the cream before you put the shorts on means that when the body temperature rises, the cream is more easily absorbed into the deep layers of the skin, where it can go to work on the excess fat cells that are at the heart of your cellulite problem. Plus, you still get the benefit of the massaging effect as well.

While anti cellulite shorts made of more technologically advanced materials might be expensive, it does mean that they are usually a bit thinner than the traditional neoprene shorts, which makes them easier to wear underneath your normal clothes without anyone noticing. Whichever shorts you choose, if you do decide to wear them under your everyday clothes, they also have the added benefit of giving you a sleeker look, similar to that achieved with other body-shaping shorts and clothing. So you even get to look good while you work on getting rid of your cellulite.

As well as using bio-ceramic shorts with a good anti cellulite cream, you could get an even greater cellulite-reducing effect by wearing the shorts during your exercise routine. The increased range of movement and your raised body temperature as you get your heart going, means that your shorts and cream combination have even more opportunity to do their work.

You might not have considered anti cellulite shorts as a credible way to reduce your cellulite problem, but they have already helped a lot of women to significantly reduce the “orange peel” appearance of their skin. With new materials making these shorts even more effective, and the possibility of greater benefits from combining them with anti cellulite creams and exercise, this simple and natural solution could be just what you need to help your thighs look and feel great.

Source by Stephanie Caleo

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