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Therapeutic Treatments at Sober Living Homes Near Me Austin Texas

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The Arbor Hyde Park Sober Living, Treatment Center, Austin, TX, 78751 |  Psychology Today

If you are looking for Sober Living Homes Near me Austin Texas, your best choice will be the Eudaimonia recovery Homes. At Eudaimonia you will find the right environment for you to quit your drug addictions and start your life afresh. The facility is enabled with state-of-the-art functionalities that will keep you engaged all the time. You can even take a relaxing break from your busy life and find peace at the facility.

Treatment options at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes

There are several treatment modalities at the facility. This includes psychiatry treatment with a licensed psychologist, Dr Fredric Wilson, Counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, and lifestyle coaching sessions.

In each of these treatment modalities, you will gain more knowledge about your addiction problems and you will learn how to combat your addictions in a productive manner. These individual therapeutic services are provided to all residents through the Eudaimonia transitional housing program. Eudaimonia is the best rated sober living facility where you can find solace after your detox Austin TX.

Helpful Psychiatry Sessions with Dr. Wilson

In these sessions, Dr. Wilson will help you transition from your addictions to a drug free life with individualized treatments. He will evaluate your present conditions and help you make progress. He will also help you continue your prescribed medication and psychiatric care throughout your sober living program. This means, you can continue recovering at Eudaimonia after you complete the inpatient Drug rehab Austin Tx, with your medications

Dr Wilson is a certified doctor in Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry who uses a multidimensional approach to treat his patients.

Counseling Sessions for Better Guidance

At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, you can always seek help from counselors, who will help you during the transition period. You can talk to them about the obstacles you face during recovery and also about any personal issue you are afraid of. These sessions will help you learn more ways to cope with your recovery and rehab.

Avail Group Therapy Sessions

Group therapy involves patients getting together to share their experience in drug habits. During these sessions, patients share their personal ways of coping mechanisms. You can learn from them and also share your views about addiction recovery.

Personal Coaching after Detox for a Successful Life

One of the most important treatment modality at Eudaimonia is the coaching sessions for sober life. In these sessions, you will be trained with life skills, employment skills and also healthy hobbies. These will help you long after you get into your normal life. You can learn new skills while you stay at the facility and impart them on your day to day life.

Other services Available at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes

Eudaimonia Recovery Homes is largely a sober living facility. You can find a recluse at the facility any time you want. They also provide urgent care to people who seek recovery from drugs. If you are in need of a change in your life, call us at Eudaimonia Recovery Home and get admitted to our top-rated facility.

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