June 19, 2024


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Tips for Keeping Your Horse Healthy and Strong

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It doesn’t matter if your horse is a racehorse, workhorse, or a pet horse. You want them to have a long, fulfilling life. With proper care and love, your horse can live for 30 years or more! Part of a horse’s general health lies in their strength—their legs are the most important part of their body, and if they can’t support themselves, they may struggle. Follow these helpful tips for keeping your horse healthy and strong to ensure that your horse enjoys every moment of their life.

Schedule at Least Two Vet Appointments a Year

People need to see their general practitioner or dentist once or twice a year, and your animals need to see their vet. Even if you don’t see any issues with their overall health, scheduling doctor visits for your beloved horse will ensure that you can take care of every health issue. You don’t want your horse to stress themselves out by working through an injury or health condition, so the vet assistance will set them up for success.

Watch Your Horse’s Behavior

The smallest change in your horse’s behavior can signal a huge change in their health. Watch how your horse normally behaves around their enclosure and pasture—watch how they eat, drink, and play. Obviously, you can’t catch everything that your horse does, but picking up on distressing behaviors immediately after they happen can help you make necessary changes as soon as possible.

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