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Top 7 Acupuncture Bullet Points

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If you have little knowledge or doubts about acupuncture theory, please refer to this article. To be presented here are seven acupuncture theory bullet points that will help you understand the theory behind the ancient healing treatment that originated in China two thousand years ago.

General Overview

Due to its Eastern origins, acupuncture is seen by others as a mysterious or foreign concept. Influenced by misconceptions and hearsays, acupuncture deserves to be recognized as a legitimate healing practice.

Acupuncture Needles

They are used in acupuncture treatment to control the flow of qi, an internal energy in the body. They play an important role in how acupuncture works.

Sections of the Body

In acupuncture theory, the body is divided into sections called meridians. These sections help acupuncturists determine the flow of qi and where deficiencies exist.

Body Pressure Points

Within the meridian are pressure points where the needles are inserted to balance or control the flow of qi in your body. Acupuncturists determine the pressure points where stimulation of qi flow is needed.


The flow of qi must be stimulated to begin the healing treatment in acupuncture. Qi is an internal energy though invisible is always present in your body. The needles play an important role in controlling or balancing the flow of qi.

Applying Pressure is Important

Right amount of pressure is needed to destroy the qi blockages in the pressure points or meridians.

Qi Imbalance and Blockage

In acupuncture theory, the imbalance of qi in the organs and blockage of qi flow are the causes of body illness. The latter is easier to address since it only requires a single or few sessions of acupuncture treatment. The bullet points presented above are must information that you need to know. Please take time to understand them for you to know the wonders of acupuncture treatment.

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