May 22, 2024


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Travel Nurse Jobs in New York: Your Chance to See the Beauty of The Big Apple

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New York City is known as the Big Apple, everyone dreams to live and work here. You will get the chance to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building if you will be able to work here as a travel nurse. Yes, that’s right  travel nurse jobs in New York are still booming. If you are a nurse this is your chance to be in New York to practice your profession and at the same time start your journey in exploring the Big Apple. 

Working as a travel nurse has several benefits that can motivate one to apply and explore the other Stares or even other countries. Need not worry about applying since travel nursing agencies like Gifted Healthcare offer travel nurse jobs in New York and are willing to assist you from the start of your application until you finally land in New York to work as a travel nurse. 

How Much Can I Earn as a Travel Nurse in New York?

You can earn around $51 per hour or higher. Since New York is a big city they offer bigger wages. Your compensation can increase depending on your specialization and the medical facilities you will be assigned to work with. The pay for travel nurses are higher compared with regular nurses, so why not try being a travel nurse. 

Accommodation Provided

Travel nursing agency  wants to make sure their travel nurse won’t have a hard time adjusting in a new place once they arrive in New York City. They then provided housings for travel nurses where they can comfortably stay throughout their assignments. Housing is available near the area where you will be assigned to make traveling to work for you very convenient. There is nothing more rewarding than to rest in your own space after a tiring shift. You can also choose your place if you wish to, the travel nursing agency can still provide you a housing stipend to aid you in your house rentals. You can even choose a palace beforehand since they are available on the internet. Whichever is comfortable for you will be fine with your travel nursing agency. 

Other Monetary Benefits

Of course, overtime is paid any hours beyond your regular shift will be considered an extra work hour for you, therefore you get paid. Apart from that referral bonuses are also given if you refer a travel nurse to your agency. This is a good way to share the availability of opportunity to you friends and even get paid. What’s more, discount coupons are given for you to enjoy your stay in New York, discounts can cover hotel accommodations, medical wear, and many more. They want their travel nurses to enjoy their offs, so they provide these discounts.  

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance 

With the kind of responsibilities a nurse has and with all the exposure they have to face during their work, they indeed need insurance. For travel nurses medical, dental, and vision insurance are included in their benefits, just in case, some unexpected things happen they can be at ease that they have their insurances to support the monetary aid needed to assist them on their medications. Insurances are one of the security nurses can have since they can be more exposed to illnesses and viruses.  

Continuous Learning 

Nurses need to upgrade their skills as technology upgrades medical equipment as well as newly discovered medications. Due to this demand travel nurses are trained and educated continuously, so they can increase their knowledge and grow professionally. This can benefit them both and the facilities they work with, doing this can make the facility get a good reputation since their workers can produce quality results for their patients. Learning while working is a big advantage since not everyone has the opportunity to do so. 

With all the benefits you can rip if you get  Travel nurse jobs in New York you will never regret it. It will be a good start for you to explore New York as well as explore better job opportunities as a travel nurse. Maximize your profession by accepting opportunities that can help you grow as an individual and expand your profession as well. Be a travel nurse and rip all the benefits and at the same time have a chance to live your life in New York City. | Newsphere by AF themes.