September 29, 2022

Ibsen Martinez

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Vaser Liposuction: Pre and Post Care

Vaser Liposuction is certainly the safest and most effective treatment for discarding the extra fat from any body part. However, it is yet a cosmetic procedure that affects your body parts. This means that there are some pre and post care instructions for the patient to follow so that nothing goes wrong before, during, and after the treatment. If you are inclined towards the Vaser Lipo technique for bidding farewell to those extra fats, it is vital to go through these instructions. So, read on to know these instructions that mostly include the dos and don’ts.

Pre Care Instructions

Let’s start with the don’ts. Do not smoke for at least 15 days before the Vaser Lipo treatment, as smoking alleviates your blood circulation, which drastically slows down your recovery time. Next, do not take aspirin or any blood thinning medication for at least 15 days prior to the Vaser Liposuction. This is because aspirin negatively influences the ability of clotting, which can result in increased bleeding during and after the treatment. Similarly, avoid taking any herbal supplement or diet pills for 15 days before the treatment. Then, you need to also stay away from alcohol for at least five days before the surgery, as it can increase bruising and trigger complications. Finally, do not eat or drink anything when there are only 6 hours left for the treatment and that during the treatment, avoid wearing jewelry, lenses, wigs, and hair pins.

Now, let’s read the dos. It is your duty to inform the cosmetic surgeon about any illness that you might have or any medication that you might be taking. Further, on the day before the treatment, have shower with an antibacterial soap only. This is even applicable for the day of Vaser Liposuction. Just before the surgery males can shave the treatment area, while females might shave the pubic areas. Kindly discuss with the cosmetic surgeon about showering and shaving. On the Vaser Lipo treatment day, ensure that you are in dark-colored and loose-fitting clothing with slip-on shoes for maximum comfort.

Post Care Instructions

Again, let’s first check out the don’ts. Once you are out of the surgery center, never ever drive to reach home, as that is neither comfortable nor recommendable. Next, stay away from alcoholic beverages, smoking and blood thinning medications for at least 15 days after the surgery or until the medication course gets over. In case of Vaser lipo of abdomen and thighs, kindly avoid sitting on hard surfaces. Lastly, limit your social activities, avoid excessive exercise, do not remove the garments and say no to body contact sports until your cosmetic surgeon gives you the required permission.

Now, let’s go through the dos. After the Vaser Lipo treatment, there should be someone to drive for taking you home and stay with you 24 hours. This means that you need to bring somebody with you to the surgery center. After leaving the surgery center, it is fine to have liquids in small quantities, while a soft diet is recommended for the next day. Once these two days are gone, you may eat as per your desire. Further, garment on for some days to protect the treated area.

Source by Amelia Aitken