February 4, 2023


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What I Eat In A Day | HEALTHY DIET

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I shared what I eat in a day in this video since many of you were requesting for it. I have made a little lifestyle change in my diet by switching to So Good Almond Fresh Vanilla Milk.

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You can buy the So good milk from: https://www.lhf.co.in/
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50 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day | HEALTHY DIET

  1. Have some responsibility before posting something.. It should not be onli for d sake of money.. there r things beyond that.. If u recommend almond milk then dont show store bought one .. U can eat or do watever u want bt before recommending others have some concern on people who r watching ur videos. u ve a good fans.. pls take this serious.. Dont advertise these kind of products.

  2. Hi Komal, Vyomika from Lilflowerygirl here, been loving your videos since years! Recently I had some giveaway confusion with you my name was there but you said it was someone else! LETTING GO OF ALL THAT! I ❤️ YOUR videos and of most your originality. People look upto you! You are awesome

  3. Hey komal, thanku sooo much for sharing such videos. I have actually made an alteration after watching your vlog and that is adapting to almonds milk. And it is so easy to digest and tastes good too!! ❤❤

  4. The way Ivan is staring at u. When ure talking in the camera. It’s like. He’s thinking I’m gonna be like mumma when I grow up 🤣🤣💕💕💕

  5. Hi komal… I really like ua diet plans as I feel dey are so sustainable and it's not anything like a crash diet .. it just keeps your mind happy which I think is very important for weight loss in a long run. ❤ And I also like drinking some kind of nutritional milk because it's really healthy 😊And I honestly don't believe in fasting or eating less… Tysm for ua diet plan 😘

  6. 7:10 Best moment..Ivan was saying Bye..Choo chwett..This vlog is so motivational.. I am on weightloss diet currently so i will surely include that almond milk in my diet..😊😃

  7. Hey… Nice video dear.. U really inspire us.. Thanks a lot for the useful tips.. U look much more younger than before.. All glowing and stunning 😘😘

  8. Hi
    I am a mother of six month old baby
    Going to feed solid soon
    Just wanna know which spoon is best to feed baby at initial stage
    Or silicon
    Will silver hurt their gum

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